10 Air Conditioning System Efficiency Tips

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The heating and cooling system is one of the major contributions to your monthly utility expenditure. During the summer, your AC system will likely be used more frequently to keep your home cool all day.

There are various steps you can take to improve the efficiency of your air conditioning system in order to save money and extend its lifespan. Here are some helpful hints for increasing the efficiency of your air conditioner:

1. Vent Cleaning

Keeping the vents clean of dirt and debris is an efficient approach to boost the effectiveness of your system. The vents are usually found on the floor or in the ceiling. It’s better if the vents are completely clear of any debris. Keeping the vents free will guarantee that the system runs smoothly.

Even if you dust and clean regularly, certain items like as carpets, curtains, toys, or even furniture might block the vents. All of your home’s vents must be clear. Make it a priority, even if it means rearranging the entire room’s furniture.

2. Frequently Replace The Filter

Changing Your AC Filter - Why & How to Do It

Your air conditioning system will run at optimal efficiency once it reaches maximum airflow. Unfortunately, unclean filters reduce efficiency.

When the filters are dirty, the air quality in your home suffers, and airflow is reduced, causing the system to work harder. Changing the filters in your air conditioning system is a simple approach to improve its efficiency.

3. Securely close all windows and doors

If you leave the windows and doors open, even with a little gap, the cool air from the air conditioning system may readily leak outside. This can have an impact on its overall efficiency over time.

4. Use Window Coverings

Closing the curtains or blinds to filter out the sunshine is a simple technique to improve the effectiveness of your AC system. It will reduce the quantity of heat that enters your home. Furthermore, doing so will prevent the AC system from working overtime merely to keep your home at a suitable temperature.

5. Give the outdoor condenser some shade

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The increased heat has a considerable influence on the outside condenser unit throughout the summer months. It will work harder to keep your house cool as the temperature rises. Covering the device to give shade is one approach to reduce the strain and prevent it from overworking. Avoid restricting the airflow in any way when giving shade.

6. Ensure that the outdoor condenser unit is clean.

The AC system’s exterior unit will work properly provided it is kept clean and clear of debris. Although cleaning the condenser can be difficult, you should be aware of the procedures before beginning.

If you lack the necessary abilities or time, you may want to consider hiring a professional to complete the task for you.

7. Fix any leaks in and around the house.

The presence of leaks in and around your home is a leading cause of your AC system’s inefficiency. When a leak occurs, the cool air that circulates throughout your home is forced outdoors. As a result, the system will have to work harder than usual, which will result in a higher utility bill.

8. Drain Line Cleaning

Clearing A Clogged AC Condensate Drain - YouTube

The drain is normally located near your unit’s indoor cooling coil. If you have a furnace in your basement, you can usually find it above it. Fill the drain with bleach and then rinse it with water. This will keep the drain clear throughout the summer.

Furthermore, maintaining the drain line clear will avoid water-related problems from arising over time. A blockage in the drain tube can significantly reduce the effectiveness of your air conditioner. Keep the drain lines outside your house clear of soil and mulch.

9. Ductwork Insulation is Correct

The likelihood of a leak increases when ducting in the attic or crawlspace beneath your home is exposed. Furthermore, these areas of your home are not cooled.

Although you can identify potential duct problems, the task should be handled by an expert. A expert will not only repair the leak, but will also properly insulate the ducts.

10. Schedule routine maintenance

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Make an appointment with a professional for regular maintenance. It will ensure that your air conditioner is in good operating order and that there are no efficiency issues.


Your air conditioning system’s job is to keep your home comfortable at all times. If you don’t provide it sufficient care and maintenance, it will work harder and finally become inefficient.

With these helpful efficiency recommendations, you’ll have a comfortable house and low utility bills, and your unit will last for years.

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