A little moment in GeekWire history: Watch us launch your favorite tech news site six years ago today

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GeekWire’s Todd Bishop, John Cook and Jonathan Sposato on stage at the first annual GeekWire Bash. (GeekWire Photo / Kevin Lisota)

Six years ago today, GeekWire was born.

It may sound cliché, but it is hard to believe that six years ago at about this moment we gathered in a Pioneer Square office building — with the fantastically awful song The Final Countdown playing in the background — and launched the tech news site you’re reading right now.

So much has happened in six years that it’s impossible to recount it all. We’ve had a blast along the way, and we’re still having fun, building a trusted news source that’s deeply rooted in principles of high-quality community journalism.

In fact, it’s pretty amazing looking back at this video from six years ago — and realizing how little has changed. (Just a few more gray hairs, and a couple more pounds!)

Also, have some fun taking a look at the launch video below.

The history is a little fuzzy here, but we think GeekWire co-founder Todd Bishop is absent from the video because he was conducting a media interview at the time promoting the new venture. I remember this day well. I was so excited — and ready to launch GeekWire — that I hopped out of Todd’s car on the way from our law firm’s office to the formal launch, thinking I could walk faster through Pioneer Square than Todd could navigate Seattle traffic. (I was right!)

We took some time to reflect on the past six years, our journey into entrepreneurship, and how Seattle’s tech scene has changed on the most recent episode of the GeekWire podcast. Listen to the episode below, or download it as an MP3 here.

So, where is the big birthday party you might ask?

Never fear. In true GeekWire fashion, we’re throwing a big-old fashioned geek festival March 15th at the CenturyLink Field Event Center in Seattle. More than 1,500 geeks will be joining us for the Bash, which includes some of our favorite geek games and activities, from foosball and dodgeball to Settlers of Catan and ping pong. A few sports celebs also may make an appearance.

We hope you can join us, too. Tickets are available here.

Thanks to you — our readers — for putting your trust in us to tell the amazing stories of innovation and entrepreneurship. And a big thanks to the amazing GeekWire team, the scrappiest and hardest working bunch in tech journalism.

We hope to see everyone on March 15th to celebrate with us. Here’s to six more great years!

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