Although Windows Phone isn’t alive and well, many readers wish it was

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Over the years, Microsoft has discontinued a number of products and services. In honor of Halloween, we conducted a poll to determine which of our readers’ favorite dead services should be revived. With nearly 70.39 percent of the voting, Windows Phone emerged victorious. Microsoft Band (6.84%), Zune (6.48%), and Kinect (3.66%) placed in second, third, and fourth, respectively.

It’s no surprise that Windows Phone received the most votes, given that this site was previously known as WPCentral (and WMExperts). “I mean, given you used to be named wpcentral:P, did you even have to inquire what your readers would pick?” joked Annullator.

“This isn’t surprising. WPhone’s cancellation is the stupidest decision Microsoft has ever done “amixtreo said.

Korfuntu gave many explanations for the absence of Windows Phone:

I really wish Satya Nadella had not killed Windows Phone. Windows Mobile had features not available in IOS or Android, and was not plagued with the security issues that still haunt Android to this day. While some may not have cared for Windows Mobile's live tiles, I found them to be useful.
Microsoft gives up on Windows 10 Mobile - BBC News

Many others expressed nostalgia for Windows Phone and a desire to see it return. Windows Phones are still used by some Windows Central readers.

Our readers gave the Microsoft Band the second most votes. Almost 7% of those who voted wanted the Microsoft Band to be brought back to life. “At the time, the Microsoft Band was the most feature-rich fitness tracker,” Sin Ogaris explained.

The Zune was mentioned in a few remarks, but the Kinect garnered a lot of acclaim. MZONDERL commented, “I still like the Xbox Kinect, both the 360 and One versions.” ITMedCEO mentioned that they missed the Kinect’s TV controls.

While the rest of the options received little votes, they received a lot of positive feedback. According to ElRodeo, “My mediacenter was fantastic. Isn’t it wonderful to have that in a modernized version?”

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