Amazon is opening its first physical clothing shop

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Amazon is opening up another physical store, this time for consumers who want to buy clothes.

On Wednesday, Amazon opened its first clothing store in Glendale, California, offering a variety of popular brands including Calvin Klein, Lacoste and Levi’s as well as Amazon essentials.

Amazon has preopened a variety of convenience stores called Amazon Go, aimed at simplifying shopping by offering cashierless checkout, allowing customers to buy drinks, food and other items without waiting in line at a cash register.

“We’re bringing Amazon’s advanced technologies and world class operations to shopping for clothes in a physical setting for the first time, making the experience more inspiring, convenient and personalized for each customer,” said Simoina Vasen, vice president of Amazon Style, during an interview.

What’s it like to shop at Amazon Style?

The store has a variety of clothes available along with QR codes. Using the Amazon shopping app, customers scan the QR code to pull up the different sizes, colors and ratings. Sizes available range from extra small to double XL.

Customers can then either choose to send items to a pickup counter to take home or to a fitting room to try on.

“Gone are the days of carrying all of those items with you while you shop,” said Vasen.

When customers send items to the fitting room, they are placed in a virtual queue while store employees gather selected pieces of clothing. Customers are then notified once their room is ready and use their phone to unlock it.

Fitting rooms include touchscreens where shoppers can check out personal recommendations as well as select different sizes or colors for the items they picked if they don’t fit.

To check out, customers can scan a QR code to directly charge their account, use an Amazon One hand scanner, or traditional methods like cash or credit card.

But what if you don’t buy something then change your mind later? Any scans from the store are saved to the shopping app, and customers can choose to purchase items at a later time online.

“We just wanted to make it easier and more convenient and simplified,” Vasen said of the in-store experience.

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