GeekWire Radio: Amazon Drones, Artefact’s ‘Juice Box,’ a beautiful app and a classic console challenge

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Artefact’s Gavin Kelly and Matthew Jordan in the KIRO Radio studio with the Juice Box design concept.

We’re getting very futuristic on this week’s GeekWire radio show — starting with our thoughts on Amazon’s surprising “Prime Air” delivery drones project.

Then we get the inside story of Artefact’s “Juice Box,” a new energy storage design concept for the developing world, created to the specifications of Bill Gates as part of a feature for the current edition of Wired magazine.

Even our App of the Week is about the future — the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, to be precise.

And then we go retro, with a classic console theme in our Name That Tech Tune challenge.

Listen to the show with this audio player or via this MP3 file.

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Amazon Drones: Links to all our coverage from the past week:

  • Amazon’s big surprise: Flying drones will deliver packages to customer doorsteps
  • Amazon’s aerial delivery drones: How Jeff Bezos’ big idea could actually fly
  • Bill Gates: Jeff Bezos overly optimistic on drones, but they will have a positive impact
  • Eric Schmidt says consumers shouldn’t have drones
  • eBay CEO on Amazon’s drones: ‘We’re not focused on long-term fantasies’

Artefact’s “Juice Box” design concept. Here’s a picture and video for more on the Juice Box energy capture and storage concept that we discuss with Artefact’s Gavin Kelly and Matthew Jordan starting in the second segment of this week’s show.

juicebox-unit-dynamo HERO

Also check out the Artefact blog for more on the project. This was created for a Wired magazine feature that challenged top product design and development shops, including Seattle-based Artefact, to create concepts to the specifications of Bill Gates.

Name that Tech Tune: Here is this week’s tune. Which console is this? Send your answer to [email protected]. From the pool of correct answers, we’ll pick one person at random to win a limited edition GeekWire soccer scarf. Listen for the answer next week.

Geek Madness: Vote for the Greatest Game Console Of All Time.

App of the Week: FIFA’s Official App for iOS and Android will get you ready for next year’s World Cup. FIFA calls it “a beautiful app for the beautiful game,” and we can’t disagree.

John at the GeekWire Gala: Here’s the video clip I mentioned at the beginning of the show.

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