GeekWire Radio: Google Chromecast, Xfinity X1 and what’s next for your TV

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chromeThere are seemingly endless ways to get video onto your television set these days, and the GeekWire team has been testing two of them, at opposite ends of the spectrum — Google Chromecast and the Xfinity X1 cable box.

GeekWire columnist Frank Catalano joins us on this week’s radio show to share his experience using Google Chromecast to stream content to his television. The $35 device makes it easy to stream content to the TV from a tablet, notebook or smartphone, or from apps such as Netflix and YouTube.

If the Chromecast is a Smart Car, the Xfinity X1 is an Escalade. I’ve been testing this device from Comcast for the past couple of weeks, and as someone who has repeatedly attempted to cut the cord in the past, I’ve been won over by the way it blends on-demand and live programming with built-in apps and Internet content.

x1_optionBy the end of the show, John has been convinced to go with at least one of these options.

One correction from something I said on the show: The version of the X1 that I’ve been using has five tuners, for recording up to four programs at a time while watching another live. (I’ll correct this for the podcast and radio audience on our next episode.)

That discussion begins in the second segment, at the 8:45 mark in the audio player above. Frank and I are both working on detailed posts with more on our experiences — stay tuned for more on GeekWire next week.

The show begins with our Week in Geek news roundup, including the release of Plants vs. Zombies 2, and  PopCap’s Space Needle stunt. Also check out the review of the game by GeekWire’s Blair Hanley Frank.

More: Seattle releases new Find It, Fix It app for reporting potholes, graffiti and other problems. And a Seattle woman petitions to change access to restaurant health ratings after a food poisoning incident.

App of the Week: VoxPixl.

Name that Tech Tune: Answer to last week’s challenge.

Listen to the show above or directly via this MP3 file.

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