GeekWire Radio: Our 3rd Annual Geeky Holiday Gift & Gadget Guide

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GeekWire’s John Cook, Gear Live’s Andru Edwards and GeekWire’s Todd Bishop with some of the items from our Holiday Gift & Gadget Guide this year. (Erynn Rose Photo)

Which gadgets should you buy for the geeks on your list? And which should you put on your own wish list?

We’re here with answers this week on the GeekWire radio show, with the return of our annual Holiday Gift & Gadget Guide. We’ve selected a range of devices for you to consider, based on our own experience using them, and in some cases covering the companies that make them.

We’re joined in this annual tradition by one of our favorite guests, Andru Edwards, the editor-and-chief of Gear Live, who holds the record for appearances on the GeekWire show — so many, in fact, that we’ve honestly lost count. Many of these gifts were featured at the annual Gear Live Holiday Bash this past week in Seattle.

Listen to the show below, and continue reading for links to the items we discuss.

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App of the Week: Cleen, like Tinder for your own photos — just swipe to quickly clean out your photo iPhone library.

logoGeekWire Trivia: The answer to last week’s challenge: The sound was the magnetic field variations from comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, the comet on which the European Space Agency landed a probe.

Congrats to our winners, Eric Aderhold and Ryan Cunningham. Our prizes are a Samsung Galaxy Alpha and second-generation Moto X smartphone, both courtesy of AT&T.

GeekWire’s John Cook and I will be conducting interviews for AT&T’s DevTV at the upcoming 2015 AT&T Developer Summit in Las Vegas, taking place Jan. 3-5, in advance of CES. Join us there! You can register for free for a limited time.

Recommended Holiday Gifts & Gadgets 

Kindle Voyage: The best Kindle e-reader ever made, with a high-resolution front-lit screen, and built-in sensors in the bezel for turning pages, and auto-adjusting brightness. $199.

Nintendo figurinenintendo1: These small figures — don’t call them figurines! — will sync with your Wii U gamepad using NFC wireless technology, unlocking content and adapting based on the progress in your game. $12.99.

DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter Drone, list price of $1,099.

iPad Mini: Our advice is to go with the previous-generation iPad Mini 2, not the newer iPad Mini 3.

sonosSonos Play 3 Speakers: High-end wireless speakers, using an expandable mesh network. $299.

LootCrate: A monthly box of geeky stuff in the mail, for $13.37 a month.

Moment lenses: These top-notch camera lenses for iPhone, iPad and selected Android smartphones turn your device into a high-quality camera. Created by Seattle entrepreneur Marc Barros, they sell for $99.99, and come in telephoto and wide-angle varieties.

Read about more of our favorite gifts — including the Poppy3D iPhone viewer, and the iCPooch — in this post.

Amazon Fire TV Stick: Amazon’s answer to the Chromecast, selling for $39.

Andru’s favorite Android phone: LG G3.

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