GeekWire Radio: Our Super Bowl win, Microsoft’s CEO pick, and finding a great TV

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We’ve got a lot to talk about on this week’s GeekWire radio show, but none of it is as important as pointing out that I was pretty much the only person in the known universe to accurately predict the Seahawks’ blowout victory in last week’s Super Bowl.

Yabbly CEO Tom Leung after recording the show in the KIRO Radio studios. (Erynn Rose Photo)

As we listen back to last week’s show, you’ll hear that I came within 2 points of nailing Seattle’s point total, and the only thing that messed me up was underestimating just how bad the Denver Broncos would turn out to be in the big game.

Why can’t I have this kind of luck in Vegas?

[Listen to the show below or via this MP3 file.]

At any rate, with the obligatory gloating out of the way, we turn our attention to the bigger question of whether Seattle as a whole, including the tech community, can somehow leverage all this recent national momentum (Seahawks, Macklemore, etc.) to spark a larger renaissance for the region.

My GeekWire colleague John Cook and our guest, Yabbly CEO Tom Leung, are on board with this theory, as is GeekWire columnist Monica Guzman, who wrote a great piece on the topic earlier this week.

In the second segment, we delve into the latest television technology, as Tom shares some of the takeaways from a recent Q&A conducted on Yabbly by Jim Wilcox, the senior electronics editor at Consumer Reports and the magazine’s resident television guru. Among other things, we address the question of whether it’s better to opt for a larger screen or one with better picture quality. Wilcox’s personal preference is to go with the better picture, but Tom notes that a previous Consumer Reports study found that a big regret among television buyers is not getting a larger screen.

The partnership with Consumer Reports is part of a broader expansion of Yabbly into “Ask Me Anything”-style Q&As, and in the final segment, Tom gives us an update on Yabbly and where it’s headed. Yabbly is a web and mobile platform for people to provide trusted product recommendations and buying advice. We first featured Yabbly as the App of Week on our live recording of the GeekWire radio show last year in Seattle’s Pioneer Square.

And of course, we spend some time digging into the big tech news of the week, Microsoft’s choice of Satya Nadella as its next CEO. After thinking about it for a few days, we’re starting to wonder — is it really a good thing that so many current and former Microsofties love the choice?

Name that Tech Tune: The answer to last week’s contest … John Madden Football 93 for the SNES.

App of the Week: Reporter for iPhone.

Listen to the show in the audio player below or via this MP3 file.

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