GeekWire Radio: The connected car, and the future of your dashboard

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How will technology transform the experience of driving?  Will your Internet connectivity come through your smartphone or an embedded chip in your vehicle? Are new technologies making driving safer or more dangerous? Will you still be listening to traditional radio in your car in five years?

David Jumpa of Airbiquity.

We tackle those questions and more this week on the GeekWire radio show as we dive into the future of technology in car — including new apps, connected services, driverless cars and smart cities.

We’re joined by David Jumpa of Airbiquity, a Seattle-based technology company that provides services used by automakers including Nissan to deliver information and entertainment to vehicles.

That conversation begins at 10:00 in the audio player below, following our weekly news roundup, covering topics including the iPhone 6, iOS 8, Swype on the iPhone, Amazon and TouchID, SAP’s $8.3 billion acquisition of Concur and Alibaba’s blockbuster IPO.

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App of the Week: Longform

Name that Tech Tune: Identify the video game associated with this song for a chance to win a pass to the upcoming GeekWire Summit, Oct. 2 in Seattle. If you think you know the answer, send it to [email protected]. Listen to the full segment at 24:00 above for several clues.

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  • Review: iOS 8 brings new features and high performance to Apple’s mobile devices
  • Amazon app for iPhone adds Touch ID support, but nobody knows how to turn it on…or off
  • After years of waiting, Swype is finally arriving on iPhone and iPad
  • SAP CEO gushes over $8.3 billion Concur acquisition: ‘I think we have something big here’
  • Alibaba CEO Jack Ma says he’d be open to partnering with Amazon


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