GeekWire Radio: The future of cars, and how the Internet is reshaping your ride

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Microsoft’s Jay Loney with a Ford truck that uses the company’s automotive technology. (Erynn Rose Photo)

Our topic on the GeekWire radio show this week: The future of cars.

We explore the rise of the car as another Internet-enabled device in our lives — making it possible for vehicles to deliver online services, serve as platforms for apps and receive ongoing software updates to keep up with the times.

What’s the potential for augmented reality in the windshield? And will your future car be completely “driverless” or merely “autopilot”?

Joining us in the studio is Jay Loney, a principal program manager with Microsoft’s Automotive team, who gets to combine his love for hot rods with his interest in technology as part of the group that develops the information and entertainment systems for vehicles from Ford, Fiat, Kia and others. Listen to the conversation below or via this MP3 file.

Also check out this video of Loney, part of a series of videos by Microsoft highlighting the work of its automotive team.

For more background, here are a few stories that delve into the specific topics we discuss.

  • A special report by the Economist on the future of cars.
  • A post by ExtremeTech on the debate between Elon Musk and Google over “driverless” cars vs. “autopilot.”
  • A feature by HowStuffWorks rounding up some of the coolest car-related iPhone apps.

The show begins with our weekly news roundup. Topics include Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 update and Planetary Resources’ $1 million Kickstarter project to launch the first-ever public space telescope. (Here’s the story we reference from July 2011 about the company, then known as Arkyd.) Listen to the full show below or via this MP3 file.

App of the Week: NatureSpace Holographic Audio for iOS, Android and Windows 8.

Name that Tech Tune: Last week’s sound was from the dashboard for the original Xbox.

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