Here’s how to order Milk Bar’s delectable desserts as a food gift.

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Consider the lavish, sugary confections you fantasized of as a kid. Your parents wouldn’t let you make those strange but wonderful concoctions like cookies packed with marshmallows and Corn Flakes because they were afraid you’d stay up all night fueled by sugar.

These unique inventions can be found at Milk Bar, and they’re even better than you could have imagined.

What exactly is Milk Bar?

is one of the most popular bakeries in town because of its unique sweet delicacies. Christina Tosi, the ‘s founder, chef, and creative force, has always prioritized dessert. She developed a passion for baking cookies as a child. She went on to work for David Chang, helping him build a dessert menu for his Momofuku restaurant empire, after honing her baking abilities in culinary school. That was the beginning of Milk Bar, which has since grown into its own empire.

The next Oreo? Milk Bar locks in Series B funding for cult-favorite cookies

If you went to a Milk Bar store before the pandemic, you would have seen a queue that stretched out the door. Tosi’s unique take on classics like chocolate chip cookies and soft-serve ice cream are popular. Fortunately, you don’t have to live near a Milk Bar to sample the shop’s offerings.

How do you go about shopping online?

The Milk Bar online store offers a large assortment of sweets that may be delivered to your home. It’s a terrific location to discover sweet tooth-friendly presents or simply treat yourself. Sending a friend a tin of cookies to say congratulations is a kind gesture, but Milk Bar takes it a step further with innovative flavor combinations and eye-catching arrangements that are suitable for any occasion.

Send tasty snacks.

A box loaded with something sweet and delectable may be the best way to communicate “I love you” or “I miss you.” Except for the milkshakes and the soft serve, practically all of Milk Bar’s most popular desserts may be ordered online.

Choose from à la carte classics like the or , or opt for one of Milk Bar’s special occasion bundles. The is ideal for commemorating significant occasions, and birthday bundle comes with enough cake and truffles for a modest gathering.

Milk Bar Delivery & Takeout | 3150 South Broadway Englewood | Menu & Prices  | DoorDash

Although the prices are little higher than you’d anticipate for dessert, the recipes are far more creative and unique than your typical chocolate cake or cookie.

Milk Bar offers countrywide shipping for a flat $15 cost, though there are frequently shipping promotions available.

Look through the seasonal gift shop.

If you wish to keep things festive, the has treats specially selected for various holidays and celebrations.

Strawberry Shortcake Cake from Milk Bar is a wonderful combination of strawberry jam, sweet cream icing, and vanilla cake for Mother’s Day.

The ($156) includes a classic Milk Bar Pie, a 6-inch Birthday Cake, a dozen B’Day Truffles, and six varied cookies for birthday festivities. You can send a ($29) if you want to give something a little smaller.

Check out the Milk Bar merchandise.

There are bags, cookbooks, and mugs available if they enjoy or baking in general. They’ll be proud to flaunt their sweet tooth on some cute gear.

Take a baking class online.

Christina Tosi: On Her Favorite Milk Bar Treat and Bouncing Around With  Karlie Kloss – The New Potato

Milk Bar used to offer in-person baking lessons for $95 per person at certain locations in NYC, DC, and LA, however classes were canceled due to the epidemic. For $249, you may enroll in a with Tosi and learn how to create your own original dishes.

Send them Milk Bar’s to make at home as a complimentary alternative. You’ll thank us later when you’re eating a baked from scratch.

In conclusion

snacks will make anyone grin, no matter what the occasion. Although the desserts are more expensive than usual, they are also far more luxurious than your typical treat, which makes them ideal for special occasions. Milk Bar is absolutely worth the cost, whether it’s a treat-yourself cookie tin or a surprise birthday cake.

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