Here’s how to use Apple Reminders to keep track of your tasks and avoid forgetting anything important

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Free and easy-to-use program designed by Apple, Reminders is a terrific utility. If you’re seeking for a solution to your organizational woes, this software could be a lifesaver for you. You can use Reminders on your Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and Mac thanks to iCloud.

To make the most of one of Apple’s well-liked productivity applications, keep reading for some pointers.

Siri can help you make your life easier.

When you don’t feel like typing, Siri is a terrific alternative. You may simply ask Siri to set a reminder for you to do the dishes at 7:30 p.m. tonight by speaking into your iPhone. Using this on an Apple Watch when you don’t have your phone nearby but still need to remember something is a terrific use case.

In addition, Siri may be used on your HomePod or in your car via Apple CarPlay.

Make your own customized shopping lists.

You can apply a range of customizations to your lists in the Reminders app. You can give a list a name, a color, and an icon when creating one. There is an option to make it a Smart List (more on this below).

A variety of useful features may be found in the Reminders app, including:

This is iOS 13's new Reminders app with dark mode on iPhone

Using the three dots in the top right corner, select “Show List Info” to customize the list. Changes to your existing list can be made using List Info. Alternatively, you can click on the I icon next to your job.

You have the option of customizing your assignments right here.

Better Organize iPhone Reminders With Collapsible Headers

In addition, you can add a task flag, change the priority, add a subtask or a picture, or add it to a chat conversation in iMessage. The iMessage option allows you to add a reminder to a text message conversation.

Even if you have many email accounts on your phone, you may still manage your reminders through them. Lists can be divided into different categories using this method.

These “Smart Lists” are quite clever.

You can use smart lists to automatically organize your reminders by tags, due dates and times, locations and flags and priorities. A little gear appears on the symbol of a Smart List, allowing you to tell it apart from a standard list.

The name of the original list will be used as the basis for a new tag created by Smart Lists. Every task in the list has a tag associated with it. It was originally called “Disney vacation agenda,” but it has since been renamed “Disney agenda” in the Smart List below. My hashtag is still “#Disney-vacation-agenda,” however.

Date, time, and location have all been added to my assignments, as well as several tags. In addition, I made use of the feature that allows me to add comments to my assignments in case they provide further context. One task has an image, while another has a URL.

Using an emoji as your list icon is a fun way to make your list stand out. It’s in the upper left corner of the list information page.

When creating a Smart List, keep in mind that it cannot be reverted back to a standard list.

Using location-based reminders is a good idea.

When you arrive or depart from a given location, you can set up location-based reminders to remind you of an item. Location Services must be enabled to use this feature. To enable location services, go to Settings, then Privacy, and turn them on. Using CarPlay, you’ll be notified whenever your phone connects or disconnects from a connected automobile. By selecting the I icon next to a task, you may select “Location” to add a location to the task.

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