LG Display Unveils Concept Products for Flexible OLED ‘Virtual Ride’ and ‘Media Chair’

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LG Display is presenting two flexible OLED concept devices to CES 2022 next month, but will not divulge what they are until after the exhibition.

The first is the Media Chair, as seen in the illustration above. It’s a “contemporary leisure device” that combines a curved 55-inch OLED display with a chair to create an entertainment pod of sorts, according to LG Display.

The panel has a radius of 1,500R and is equipped with Cinematic Sound OLED (CSO) technology. Without the use of external speakers, the curved display vibrates to produce audio. The user may flip the OLED panel between vertical and horizontal orientations using a button on the recliner arm, which should allow for comfortable movie viewing as well as simple browsing and social media scrolling.

LG Virtual Ride
LG Show

The Virtual Ride, LG Display’s futuristic take on an indoor stationary bicycle, is the second concept product. Three OLED screens are connected to form a single big, curved, r-shaped display that the rider can see from both in front and above their seated position. The Virtual Ride, according to the business, “takes home fitness to a whole new immersive level, considerably improving the mood and environment in any room you place it in.”

There’s no indication that either of these ideas will become real products. They’re being utilized instead to “show OLED’s outstanding promise and wide adaptability.” In other words, curved screens that can generate their own audio are ready for usage in consumer products, and LG Display is almost certain to have a few plans in the works to take use of them.

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