Nvidia RTX 3080 With 12GB of Memory Could Be a High Expensive GPU

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Nvidia is releasing a new version of the graphics card, with video capacity increased from 10GB to 12GB. However, it appears that the device will cost at least $1,200, much beyond the $699 starting price of the original .
In Tuesday’s release of the Nvidia Game Ready driver, Nvidia silently mentioned the product debut. “Starting today, our GPU partners are offering a version of the graphics card with 12GB GDDR6X memory, with driver support available through GeForce Experience and on Nvidia’s driver download page,” Nvidia added.

GPU's specs

In addition to the increased video RAM, the new model has a slight increase in computational cores, from 8,704 to 8,960. Furthermore, the memory interface bandwidth is increasing from 320 to 384 bits.
As a result, the new model closely resembles the , a GPU that launched at $1,199 but has subsequently risen to $1,479 or more. It, too, has a 384-bit memory interface and 12GB of visual memory, but it has 10,240 compute cores.
Nvidia, on the other hand, has withheld pricing information for the new variant. Nvidia is instead directing interested clients to third-party GPU providers. There will also be no Founders Edition model, according to a business spokeswoman.
EVGA has only released pricing for the new in the United States so far, and the company is asking users to pay a startling or for the card.

EVGA listing

MSI is also introducing six different models. One of the cards has been advertised for 1,699 Euros ($1,922) by a German shop.
Anyone still looking for a desktop graphics card due to the prolonged chip shortage will be disappointed by the pricing alone. Nvidia, on the other hand, plans to release a lower-powered RTX 3050 card on January 27 for $249. Unlike Nvidia’s latest attempt to resurrect the RTX 2060, it should be available at major shops.

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