Podcast: Windows 8, Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs, and computer scientist Yaw Anokwa

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This week on the GeekWire Podcast, we’re pleased to be joined by one of our former Geeks of the Week, Yaw Anokwa. He’s a graduate of the University of Washington computer science program, co-founder of the software startup Nafundi and one of the computer scientists behind the Open Data Kit project, which provides smart forms for collecting data on mobile devices in rural areas, developing countries and other places with limited connectivity.

Yaw Anokwa. (Photo by Annie Laurie Malarkey.)

It’s a glimpse into the part of the technology world that we don’t always see, blending mobile technologies and social good. Yaw provides an overview of some of the ways organizations are using the tools around the world, including relief organizations, health workers, government agencies and charitable organizations.

Among other interesting tidbits, Yaw explains why they’ve built their data collection tools for Android even though he prefers to use an iPhone in his own life. He also talks about his preference for using Macs over Windows PCs as he’s developing software.

Finally, we discuss his own life in computer science, his love of motorcycles, and his tips for kids and teens out there who want to pursue careers in the field.

The discussions starts at the 8:00 in the audio player above.

That’s preceded by our weekly news segment, starting with our recap of the big earnings report this week from Microsoft, providing the first real glimpse of Windows 8’s impact in advance of the upgrade price increases that will take effect in February.

We have a good laugh over one California lawmaker’s none-to-subtle attempt to hold Microsoft responsible for CEO Steve Ballmer’s role (separate from the company) in the group seeking to buy and move the Sacramento Kings to Seattle.

And finally, we shake our heads over our first glimpse of Ashton Kutcher’s attempt to portray Steve Jobs in a new movie.

App of the Week: 1 Second Every Day

Name that Tech Tune: Answer to last week’s challenge: Q*Bert.

Listen to the show above or access it directly via this MP3 file.

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