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Review: Here’s a handy list of gifts and gadgets for Father’s Day

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Father's Day
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Father’s Day is June 21, so it’s time to do some hard-core gift shopping.

Not all dads are tech enthusiasts, of course. My dad uses an iPhone and an iPad, but I don’t think he enjoys them as much as he does riding his lawnmower or throwing some meat on his smoker.

But just because he’s not into tech pursuits doesn’t mean he wouldn’t like a gift that makes his life easier.

Here are a few suggestions that might make your dad smile.

I know at least one of them would make my dad smile.

Oklahoma Joe’s Rider DLX Pellet Grill

What do you get when you cross the ease of a pellet grill with the quality of an Oklahoma Joe’s smoker?

The Oklahoma Joe’s Rider DLX Pellet Grill ($599).

This is a big cooker that can transform from a “low and slow” smoker to a high-temperature searing grill just by sliding a lever and dialing in your desired temperature.

You can slow smoke a brisket or some ribs at 225 degrees or crank it up to sear steaks at more than 600 degrees.

The Rider DLX has a 578-square-inch porcelain-coated cast iron main cooking surface and two 328-square-inch adjustable and removable elevated cooking racks.

The grill is fueled by pressed wood pellets that are available pretty much anywhere you can buy charcoal. Fill the hopper with up to 20 pounds of pellets, plug in the power cord, press the power button and turn the dial to your desired cooking temperature.

The grill will preheat and you should be ready to cook in about 15 minutes.

Once you put the meat on the grill, you can walk away knowing the Rider’s Pit Control System will keep your temperature on target.

Included is one meat probe that you can leave in your meat. You can set an alarm to go off when your meat reaches the desired internal temperature.

The Rider DLX is made from heavy gauge steel with metal wheels for easy rolling, which is good because it weighs 245 pounds.

The grill is super easy to assemble and use and has an easy-to-access ash cup that screws off for cleaning.

There are a lot of people who say wood-fired pits (stick burners) are the only way to go, but I’m all about the results. Pellet grills are an easy way to learn how to smoke meat, especially for beginners.

iOttie Easy Auto Sense

Every dad needs a good phone mount in his vehicle.

I’ve personally used iOttie mounts in my car for a few years and I really like its newest AutoSense Wireless mount ($64.95). It is nice to see the evolution of the design, which has improved with every new model (as it should).

This mount automatically senses when the phone is in the mount and squeezes the sides of your phone to keep it in place. Touching a button on either side causes the arms to release.

It’s well thought out and works perfectly one-handed.

The Auto Sense can hold even the largest phones in their cases.

If dad has a phone that can does not charge wirelessly, iOttie has a new mount called the Easy One Touch 5 that goes on sale June 23. Look on iOttie’s website for details soon.

Both come with a very strong suction cup mount that can hold on the dashboard or windshield, and the mount itself sits on a telescoping arm to keep your phone within reach.

Fiora Ultimate Wireless Desk Charger

If your dad’s phone charges wirelessly, the Fiora Ultimate Desk Charger ($34.95) is a very good-looking and very small desktop charger that will keep his phone’s battery topped off.

I have a wireless charger on my desk at work and on my bedside table.

The Fiora Ultimate looks like a small coaster.

The body is aluminum and the top is glass, and it includes a QuickCharge 3.0 Fast Charge wall charge and a USB-C cable.

Fiora says the Ultimate Wireless Desk Charger can charge 40% faster than other brands.

The charger is smart enough to fast-charge your device at its fastest rate (15W/10W/7.5W/5W).

Fiora also makes the Ultimate Wireless Car Charger that includes three different mounts—one for your CD slot, a suction cup and a vent clip.

Apple Watch

Sure, there are other smart watches, but if you are paying attention, Apple’s watches are on more wrists than any other, and the competition is not even close.

The Apple Watch might even save your dad’s life.

The Apple Watch Series 5 can record your heartbeat and rhythm using an electrical heart sensor. The watch can also let you know if you are experiencing atrial fibrillation.

The watch can detect a hard fall, and if you’re not moving, it can call emergency services for you.

Of course, it can do hundreds of other things like keeping track of your workout or letting you read emails or texts. It even tells the time.

The Series 5 starts at $399 and is available in two sizes and a variety of case finishes and bands.

Ego POWER+ 21-inch Select Cut Mower

I reviewed this mower in March, and I know any dad would like to have one.

The POWER+ 21-inch Select Cut Mower ($649) is self-propelled and battery-powered, and it has enough power to keep your grass looking great.

The cutting system has two blades stacked together to finely mulch your clippings.

The mower comes with one 7.5 amp-hour lithium battery that can run for more than 60 minutes on a charge.

Mowing height is easily adjustable with one lever, and because there is no gas engine, the mower handle retracts and folds up so you can store the mower on its end. It takes up very little room, and there’s a built-in handle that lets you pick it up like a suitcase.

It has all the power you’d want, and it’s very quiet.

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