The 3 Best Cloud-Based Security Monitoring in 2023

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You must keep an eye on anything that could affect your success when providing services to customers, from low-level performance indicators to high-level company key success measures. You’ll have full knowledge of the business and software operations of your product, from server-side logs to stack traces. Tools and services for Cloud-Based Security Monitoring can be useful here.

Cloud-Based Security Monitoring helps you make sure that your customers and clients can fully utilize your platform by helping you manage, monitor, and audit the performance of your cloud computing architecture, infrastructure, services, and applications.

In this article, we’ll provide you with an overview of some of the best Cloud-Based Security Monitoring currently on the market.

What Is Cloud Security Monitoring?

Monitoring of operational workflows in a cloud environment by businesses can be done through a number of procedures known as cloud security monitoring. For the purpose of tracking and evaluating the security of servers, apps, software platforms, and websites, cloud security monitoring combines manual and automated methods.

Experts in cloud security continuously monitor and evaluate the data stored in the cloud. They recognize suspicious activity and address cloud-based security risks. They can provide remedies to resolve the problem immediately and prevent further harm if they find an existing hazard or vulnerability.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Security Monitoring

Cloud-Based Security Monitoring enables you to:

  • Maintain compliance with the majority of important regulations, including PCI DSS and HIPAA. Utilizing observation tools will help businesses that use cloud platforms adhere to these rules and stay out of trouble.
  • Find vulnerabilities: To find vulnerabilities, it’s crucial to keep an eye on your cloud environments. Your IT and security teams can immediately receive alerts from an automated surveillance tool, which will aid them in identifying suspicious behavior patterns and signs of penetration. (IoCs).
  • Avoid operational interruptions; security issues may cause you to curtail or stop all corporate operations. In order to preserve business continuity, data security, and customer happiness, it is crucial to monitor your cloud infrastructures for disruptions and data breaches.
  • Use a cloud security monitoring system to do routine audits and maintain the security of your data to protect critical information. Your security systems’ condition can be tracked, and you can get advice on adding security measures.
  • Benefit from ongoing supervision and assistance – Cloud-Based Security Monitoring service can keep an eye on your system round-the-clock. While maintaining security on-premises necessitates periodic physical monitoring, cloud-based services enable continuous monitoring, greatly reducing the danger of allowing threats to go undetected.

What Is the Process of Cloud Security Monitoring?

The majority of cloud service providers include infrastructure-integrated solutions for native cloud security monitoring. A third-party monitoring program can also be added to your cloud environment. As an alternative, you can manage your cloud environment’s security using on-premises tools.

Tools for cloud monitoring compile log data from numerous instances, servers, and containers. To find unusual activity and notify the incident response team, a sophisticated Cloud-Based Security Monitoring correlates and analyzes the data that has been collected. Solutions for Cloud-Based Security Monitoring monitoring often include the following capabilities:

  • Continuous monitoring – Cloud-Based Security Monitoring should constantly keep an eye on all cloud activities, enabling you to see suspicious activity in real-time and take precautions against it.
  • Visibility: When you shift to the cloud, you lose visibility into the infrastructure of your company. An integrated view of user, file, and application behavior can be provided by a cloud monitoring solution, which can centralize monitoring.
  • Auditing – strong monitoring and auditing capabilities can assist you in keeping your firm in conformity with the laws that apply to it.
  • Scalability: A cloud security monitoring solution can keep an eye on huge amounts of data that are dispersed across many different places.
  • Integration: For optimum visibility, the monitoring system should preferably integrate with your current tools and services. Select a product that can integrate with your current productivity platforms (like Microsoft 365 or Google WorkspaceG Suite), endpoint security products (like VMware, Carbon Black, or Crowdstrike), and identity assurance and authentication services. (such as Okta or Duo).

The 3 Best Cloud-Based Security Monitoring in 2023

1. Blumira

Thanks to automated threat detection and response, the cloud SIEM platform from Blumira enables businesses of any size to combat cybersecurity attacks in close to real time. It lessens the costs of alert exhaustion, difficult log maintenance, and low IT visibility.

Cloud-Based Security Monitoring

Cloud SIEM from Blumira includes numerous connectors with cloud, endpoint security, firewall, and identity providers and can be set up in a matter of minutes. Small teams must manage hybrid on-premises and cloud services, therefore the trend toward remote work and cloud adoption may cause them to lack awareness of security issues with the cloud.

2. JupiterOne

All of your online relationships and resources are stored in JupiterOne as a central knowledge base. A platform for security engineering and automation, a virtual assistant for the security operations team, and a simple method for achieving compliance and thorough cyber governance are all included.

Cloud-Based Security Monitoring

A technical solution is required to address the data and visibility challenges of modern security and cloud governance. You’ll know more and feel less afraid with JupiterOne. JupiterOne gathers more asset data than any other source. Recognize with confidence that there is less danger associated with an undiscovered or untapped asset.

3. ThreatKey

A highly automated SaaS security operations solution is ThreatKey. It records enough details about your surroundings to eliminate security threats rapidly. ThreatKey provides updates based on information obtained from sources such as Microsoft Office 365, Amazon Web Services, and Box.com that have little bearing on regular business operations.

Cloud-Based Security Monitoring

To execute their responsibilities efficiently, teams across your firm buy new third-party platforms. SaaS configurations, however, put convenience before security. Threatkey’s agentless platform integrates with all of your current tools and gives your team the visibility they require. Teams across your business may use new technologies with assurance while reducing the attack surface.

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