The 4 Most Secure Cloud Storage Providers

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The convenience and utility of secure cloud storage providers cannot be overstated. The ability to access files from any device simplifies collaboration. Rather than storing everything on a USB stick, your data is automatically synchronized to the cloud. Traditional mainstream cloud storage solutions, on the other hand, exchange convenience for your privacy.

Many of these services are completely free or have free levels. But, as we’ve learned, nothing is free; pay with our data. If you want the convenience and benefits of cloud storage but not the invasion of your privacy, look into these encrypted, safe cloud storage solutions instead.

1. MEGA (Secure Cloud Storage Providers)

MEGA (Secure Cloud Storage Providers)
MEGA (Secure Cloud Storage Providers)

MEGA is one of the most popular encrypted cloud storage solutions on our list. When you sign up for a MEGA account, you will receive 20GB of free storage. Because of its high security, privacy, and user-controllable end-to-end encryption, MEGA takes the lead in a one-on-one cloud storage comparison.

It manages encryption on the user’s end, unlike most other cloud storage services. This implies that before being transported to the MEGA platform, files, communications, and audio/video data are encrypted on the user’s client system.

MEGA features a sync application for all major operating systems with its powerful online interface. You may also utilize its mobile apps to access your files and camera uploads while on the go, as well as interact with your team.

MEGA charges about $5.17 (€4.99) per month for their entry-level premium plan, Pro Lite, which provides 400GB of storage and 1TB of file transfer. The most costly plan (Pro III) costs $31.08 (€29.99) per month and comes with 16TB of storage and a file transfer capacity of 16TB. It should be noted that the dollar figure is only an estimate. Because MEGA only bills in euros, the total amount may vary in your local currency.

MEGA produces the primary encryption key for your account when you create it and enter a password. As a result, we recommend that you begin using a password manager to improve your security.

2. Sync (Secure Cloud Storage Providers)

Sync (Secure Cloud Storage Providers)
Sync (Secure Cloud Storage Providers)

Sync has been providing cloud storage services that are simple, rapid, and safe for many years. It contains a host of security features, such as AES-256 bit encryption, remote wipe capability, adjustable passwords, and two-factor authentication, to prevent hackers from accessing your files.

In terms of data loss protection, Sync’s file version history capability is unrivaled. This function allows you to preview and restore previous versions of a file, including deleted ones. So, Sync is a terrific choice if you’re seeking for the best online storage solution to safely preserve your media and other documents for free.

It provides a free trial with 5GB of storage, but you’ll most certainly require more. Individuals can subscribe to their Solo Basic plan for approximately $96 per year or their Solo Professional plan for approximately $240 per year.

Because of its private encryption, low price, well-organized support information, and cross-platform apps, Sync should be at the top of your purchase list for secure cloud storage.

3. Tresorit (Secure Cloud Storage Providers)

Tresorit is one of the most encrypted and secure Dropbox alternatives. Tresorit, like MEGA, assures that all data is encrypted end-to-end on the client side with AES256 encryption before being uploaded to their servers.

The program is largely offered to enterprises due to its built-in collaboration tools. However, Tresorit Personal (previously Solo) is also available for people. For $12.36 (€11.99) per month, you get 1TB of storage, access to up to 10 devices, and offline access support.

Payment options may be a problem for privacy advocates, as they presently only accept PayPal and a few credit cards. You might, however, pay for the service with a crypto credit card. Tresorit’s service is not open-source either. You must determine whether you believe the company because no one can check their statements.

Tresorit, like any modern cloud storage provider, provides desktop, browser, and mobile access. Tresorit desktop software functions similarly to Dropbox and Google Drive, integrating with your file manager for convenient access. As an added bonus, Linux is supported natively. Android and iOS mobile apps are available.

Tresorit is a good choice if you want the convenience and simplicity of cloud storage but with built-in security and privacy.

4. SpiderOak One Backup (Secure Cloud Storage Providers)

SpiderOak One Backup (Secure Cloud Storage Providers)
SpiderOak One Backup (Secure Cloud Storage Providers)

SpiderOak is largely regarded as one of the safest cloud storage solutions. Since 2007, the Edward Snowden-approved service has been available. This is heartening since it shows that the service is not going away without a trace.

SpiderOak One Backup, like Tresorit, is a full-featured Google Drive or Dropbox alternative. Its primary goal is to provide an end-to-end encrypted cloud backup solution. It does, however, serve as safe encrypted storage with desktop integration and mobile access. Instead than urging you to build a distinct structure for your Spideroak data, you can back up existing files and folders.

The One Backup service is available as a subscription, with monthly fees ranging from $6 for 150GB of storage to $29 for up to 5TB of storage. You can connect and access your files from an unlimited number of devices with any plan.

It also integrates a full cloud backup service with standard cloud storage. This means you’ll have easy access to your data while maintaining your privacy.

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