The greatest computer speakers for gamers and audiophiles

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The highest audio quality comes from desktop speakers for your computer or laptop. Even if certain gaming and ultrawide displays feature decent built-in speakers, a dedicated set of computer speakers will enhance your listening pleasure.

Computer speakers come in a wide range of prices and sizes. The extra bass is sometimes included in the package. More premium variants include wireless streaming and surround sound.

Amplification is integrated into most computer speakers so all you need to do is plug them in. Our selections are all in one category, saving you the cost and inconvenience of buying a separate amp.

The greatest computer speakers for gamers and audiophiles

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 speakers

Overall best PC speakers
2.1 stereo speaker system
Wired subwoofer included
Wireless: No

The Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 speakers don’t have fancy features, but they sound great.

Pros: Great sound quality, low price, subwoofer, 3.5mm ports

Cons: No wifi, no USB

Klipsch’s ProMedia 2.1 speaker system is an audio classic. In fact, the ProMedia 2.1 has been around for about two decades.

Despite lacking extras like wireless streaming, the speakers shine in the most important areas: audio quality and pricing. Two 3-inch midrange speakers with MicroTractrix horns and 19mm tweeters are included. There’s also a 6.5-inch subwoofer for deep bass.

No remote, but separate volume and subwoofer knobs on one of the satellite speakers. The system connects to your computer or laptop through 3.5mm jack on the subwoofer, but not via USB like other contemporary speaker systems. One of the speakers has two 3.5mm connections for connecting headphones for private listening.

But it’s the ProMedia 2.1’s audio performance that sets it apart. The speakers are great for music, games, and movies. That makes them ideal for any multimedia computer setup.

We haven’t heard better PC speakers in this price range in nearly 20 years.

The greatest computer speakers for gamers and audiophiles

Logitech Z313 speakers

Budget PC speakers
2.1 stereo speaker system
Wired subwoofer included
Wireless: No

While the Logitech Z313 speakers don’t sound great, their affordable price makes them a great alternative to built-in monitor speakers.

Pros: low cost, quick setup, subwoofer

Cons: Poor audio quality

The Logitech Z313 speakers don’t sound as good as more costly speakers, but they are cheaper. The Z313s are the de facto budget computer speaker choice. While not as good as Klipsch, the Z313s’ inexpensive cost and ease of use make them worth considering.

For the price, you get a 2.1 system with stereo speakers and a subwoofer. Cable management shouldn’t be a problem with only three cords connecting each component.

In terms of audio quality, the Z313s are “good for the money.” The satellite speakers are tinny, and the subwoofer isn’t very deep. With a total power rating of 25 watts, it won’t be noisy either (five for each satellite and 15 for the subwoofer).

This is especially apparent when playing music loudly over the speakers. Logitech tries to muffle the satellites’ sound as the subwoofer goes louder, causing a wobbling impression while listening to bass-heavy music loudly. These speakers are best utilized for low-volume music or watching YouTube videos.

Despite their acoustic limitations, the Z313s are great replacement speakers for your monitor, especially for the price. High-quality audio or merely blasting music will require a little more money.

The greatest computer speakers for gamers and audiophiles

Klipsch’s R-51PM computer speakers

Top computer speakers
2 channel stereo speaker system
No subwoofer
Bluetooth is supported.

Klipsch’s R-51PM computer speakers look as nice as they sound.

Pros: beautiful looks, great sound, Bluetooth support

Cons: Expensive, no separate subwoofer

Klipsch recognizes that your speakers are a status symbol. But a company’s image isn’t enough to get it into homes and theaters worldwide. The R-51PM computer speakers from Klipsch demonstrate the company’s style with substance.

To say I was enthusiastic for an improvement to the R-15PMs — which the R-51PMs replaced — would be an understatement. I was impressed by the speakers’ elegance when I first used them. The copper spun tweeter is a signature feature, highlighting an otherwise plain chassis.

The sound is the main attraction here. Miniature woofers are renowned for either missing bass or overloading the audio field. The R-51PM’s 5.25-inch woofer sounds bigger than its size thanks to the huge rear-firing port.

If you’ve ever heard Klipsch speakers, or any other audiophile brand, none of this should surprise you. These aren’t only for audiophiles. The R-51PMs are a plug-and-play speaker solution with a shocking 120W amplifier powering both speakers.

My pair is on my desktop, although I’ve relocated them before for various reasons. They work with your phone, computer, and TV. You might, for example, connect the speakers to your computer through USB and switch to Bluetooth audio streaming with a single remote click.

The greatest computer speakers for gamers and audiophiles

Razer Nommo Pro

Best gaming computer speakers
2.1 stereo speaker system
Wired subwoofer included
Bluetooth is supported.

The Razer Nommo Pro system is pricey, but the sound and features are worth it.

Pros: crisp middle, deep bass, RGB illumination

Cons: Costly

Razer is known for its gaming peripherals, but it has just lately entered the desktop audio market. While most PC gamers choose headphones for gaming audio, the Razer Nommo Pro speaker system is a clean and powerful option.

But there’s a catch. The Nommo Pros are our priciest speakers. The value for money is high. The Nommo Pro system has two satellite speakers and a subwoofer. Each satellite speaker features its own woofer and tweeter for clean highs and mids.

The satellites first. Each speaker has a 3-inch woofer and a 0.8-inch tweeter. The midrange woofers are key here. The Nommo Pros don’t have to recreate bass with the satellites, thus the midrange is clearer. Gunshots in games like “Overwatch” are just right.

The subwoofer adds some low-end punch. The system as a whole can be loud. The Nommo Pro from Razer is unique in that it can shake your space without distorting. Even when explosions and bullets fly across the screen, the sound is clear.

They aren’t just for gaming. Razer has music and THX modes. THX and Dolby have a lot more bass, which is great for movies. However, when listening to music or games, the subwoofer overwhelms the dedicated tweeters’ high-end finesse.

The greatest computer speakers for gamers and audiophiles

Logitech Z906

Best surround sound speakers for PC
5.1 surround sound system
Wired subwoofer included
Bluetooth adapter sold separately

The Logitech Z906 5.1 surround system delivers superb audio quality at a reasonable price.

Pros: For the money, the Z906 system is one of the best options.

Cons: Inconvenient to set up the speakers

Surround sound is the way to go if you love movies. The Logitech Z906 surround sound system features small enough speakers and several mounting options to be considered for your desktop.

The set includes four satellite speakers, a central speaker, a front-firing subwoofer, and a control module for adjusting the output. The Z906 system delivers 500 watts per speaker, with a maximum of 1,000 watts. In short, it’s quite loud.

The subwoofer is in the center, with the amplifier and all inputs and outputs. While the Z906 system can be utilized in a home theater, the amount of inputs makes it a fantastic choice for desktop applications.

A six-channel direct connection socket is also found on the back. You can also operate many connections at once and switch between them using the wireless remote. A Bluetooth adaptor (available separately) allows you to broadcast wirelessly to the system.

The sound quality of the Z906 system is great, THX certified. It “delivers an outstanding sound with depth, power, and decent detail reproduction,” according to Trusted Reviews.

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