The Jabra Elite 7 Pro

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The earphones from Jabra pleased us with their strong noise reduction and customizable audio performance. The new earphones from Jabra are priced to compete with the best ANC (active noise cancelling) true wireless models on the market, starting at $199.99. This time, you get not just good ANC and audio performance, but both can be adjusted to your preferences. While most of the wire-free noise-cancelling earbuds we test are only water resistant at best, this pair is completely waterproof, making them ideal for runners and anybody else who need tough ANC earphones. Finally, while earphones get a slight edge for their class-leading ANC performance, the earbuds provide a waterproof construction for approximately $100 less, making them equally deserving of our Editors’ Choice award.


Type In-Canal
Wireless Yes
True Wireless Yes
Connection Type Bluetooth
Water/Sweat-Resistant Yes
Active Noise Cancellation Yes

A Long-Lasting Design

The earpieces are available in black, black and gray, or gold and beige. They come with three sets of eartips in small, medium, and large sizes, and they don’t require earfins to fit securely.

In addition, the charging case is compact. The charging stations are visible through the flip-top lid, and a small battery status LED sits above the USB-C charging connector. In the packaging, Jabra offers a USB-C to USB-A charging cord. With Qi-enabled accessories, the case can also charge wirelessly. While the case’s surface lacks grip, it is less slick than the one that comes with the .

The earphones’ outside panels have push-button controls that make them relatively simple to use. A single tap on the left earbud toggles between ANC and Hear Through modes, while a double press summons the voice assistant on your device. Playback and call management features are included on the right earpiece, including a double press to skip forward a track and a triple press to return to the previous track.

Jabra Elite 7 Pro - Digital Trends Award

Simply put, the IP57 rating outperforms the competition. Most noise-canceling true wireless pairs are rated IPX4, with the X indicating that the earphones have not been tested for dust and the 4 indicating that they can tolerate light splashing and sweat. The grade of the indicates that the earpieces are entirely waterproof and almost dust-proof. They can be immersed for up to 30 minutes in water up to a meter deep. Although Bluetooth isn’t waterproof, you won’t have to worry about exposing these earphones to rain or perspiration, or washing them under the faucet. We expect this from sports-oriented in-ear versions, but not from ones with ANC. Keep in mind that the case’s IP rating does not extend to the earphones, therefore they must be completely dry before docking.

The earbuds are rated to last up to eight hours on a single charge by Jabra, although your mileage may vary based on your volume level and ANC usage. An additional 22 hours of charge is stored in the case.

6mm drivers produce a frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz internally. The earbuds are Bluetooth 5.2 compliant, with AAC and SBC codecs supported but neither AptX or LDAC.

Jabra Elite 7 Pro

Jabra Sound+ is a universal Android and iOS software that works with a variety of headphones. It allows you to upgrade the software on the Elite 7 Pro, change on-ear controls, and integrate Amazon Alexa as the voice assistant (a double tap summons Alexa or your device’s default assistant). You may also select from a number of EQ settings or tweak the sound yourself, as well as check the fit of your headphones. The app also allows you to personalize your ANC experience.

Noise Cancellation that is Strong and Customizable

The earphones can provide effective noise cancellation, but it’s tough to describe it in the way I usually do because the experience is greatly dependent on user-selected options. The app’s fader works well for customizing your ANC to your current environment—on a flight vs, example, a loud coffee shop. This tool alters a filter that blocks out some frequencies while allowing others to through.

In a noisy restaurant, I found that the default ANC level or one notch down on the slider worked best. The earphones cut out a good chunk of the lows and mids at this volume, but most of the higher-frequency material gets through the ANC circuitry. The fader works best in this position for deep, low-frequency rumble, such as what you hear on a plane. If one ear requires more ANC than the other, you can alter the left and right balance of the earphones. A master fader on the app’s main screen can be used to alter the general intensity of the ANC in addition to these personalized settings.

Jabra Elite 7 Pro

These customisation options are interesting and will undoubtedly appeal to a wide range of users, but some may prefer an option that provides ideal ANC right out of the box. In this aspect, the Sony WF-1000XM4 earbuds are difficult to beat. Although the performed admirably in our tests, none of its configurable fader settings could match the default setting on the WF-1000XM4 in-ears (or the $280 ), which reduces low-frequency rumble significantly.

The Jabra Hear Through mode (which allows you to hear your surroundings without having to remove the earpieces) works great. Once you’ve set up the ANC in the app, you can change between ANC On and Hear Through modes, as well as alter the levels with a fader.

A Sound Signature That Is Slightly Sculpted But Pleasant

The earbuds generate a robust low-frequency response on tracks with intense sub-bass content, such as The Knife’s “Silent Shout,” which will appeal to bass fans who don’t want to lose balance. The lows don’t distort at hazardous volume settings, and the bass still seems powerful at more appropriate levels.

We get a better feel of the‘s sound characteristic by listening to Bill Callahan’s “Drover,” which has significantly less deep bass in the mix. The earbuds create a broad, round bass drum sound with a deep low-mid delivery for Callahan’s baritone vocals, but the drums don’t sound unduly thunderous. There’s also a lot of high-mid presence in the mix, which gives it a sculpted brightness. The sound characteristic of the earbuds is best described as balanced, with boosting on both ends, although the midrange sounds scooped out. The drivers, on the other hand, are responsive, and you can use the EQ to dial back the blazing highs, restore the midrange, or enhance the lows to ridiculous levels. It’s feasible to design the sound characteristic to suit most tastes because to this flexibility.

Always connected

The kick drum loop on Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “No Church in the Wild” gets a lot of high-mid presence, which emphasizes the power in its attack a little, but what I notice more of is the high-frequency vinyl crackle and hiss. The sub-bass synth bursts that punctuate the track have a tremendous weight to them. The lows are deep in the default EQ setting; increasing bass might bring things to extremely intense levels if that’s your inclination.

Orchestral tracks sound crisp, bright, and slightly enhanced in the lows, like the opening scene from John Adams’ The Gospel According to the Other Mary. The lower-register instrumentation gets a little lead in the mix, but the higher-register brass, strings, and vocals take center stage.

Mics that are crystal clear and of excellent quality

Jabra Elite 7 Pro

Six MEMS microphones are used in the earbuds, which provide outstanding intelligibility. I could understand every word clearly using the Voice Memos app on an iPhone for testing, with no noticeable Bluetooth distortion or other obvious audio distortions. Even better, I observed a smidgeon of low-frequency response, which is unusual for true wireless microphones.

However, the nicest feature of using a microphone is being able to hear yourself speak clearly (this is adjustable in the app). As a result, you’re less inclined to yell or speak loudly, resulting in clearer calls for the person on the other end. The microphone also performs well in the wind.


Key Feature Jabra Multi-Sensor Voice Jabra ShakeGrip Everyday sports earbuds Spotify Tap Playback
Active Noise Cancellation Adjustable ANC Adjustable ANC Yes No
HearThrough Adjustable HearThrough Adjustable HearThrough Adjustable HearThrough Yes
Battery Life (Case/Buds) 8hrs/30hrs 8hrs/30hrs 7hrs/28 hrs 7hrs/28 hrs
Microphone 6-microphones 6-microphones 4-microphones 4-microphones
Speakers 6mm 6mm 6mm 6mm
Music Equalizer
Codecs Supported AAC,SBC AAC,SBC Qualcomm aptX, SBC Qualcomm aptX, SBC
Bluetooth 5.2 5.2 5.2 5.2
In-Ear Pressure Relief
Durability Dust & Water Proof (IP57) Dust, Water & Sweat Proof IP57 Dust, Water & Sweat Proof IP57 Rainproof (IP55)
Voice Assistant Enabled

True Wireless Earbuds with Noise Cancellation in a Rugged Design

The earphones from Jabra provide a robust audio output and an EQ that you can adjust to deliver everything from pounding bass to a relatively precise, balanced output. The noise cancellation is also good, and it can be tweaked in ways that most rival models can’t. In the end, the Sony WF-1000XM4 earbuds provide the greatest genuine wireless noise cancelling we’ve tested, with the a close second. And, because to their effortless pairing with iOS, the AirPods Pro remain a popular choice among iPhone owners. Our Editors’ Choice is headphones, which are better designed for jogging and other athletic activities.

The Jabra Elite 7 Pro

Jabra Elite 7 Pro

The best noise-cancelling earbuds for runners
The Jabra Elite 7 Pro true wireless earphones include excellent active noise cancellation and a top-notch microphone in a waterproof design.

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