The LTE version of Surface Pro 8 is available now to order from the Microsoft Store

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What you need to know

Orders for the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 with LTE capabilities can now be placed directly through the Microsoft Store. Only a few short months after the Surface Pro 8 was first made available for purchase, the LTE models are now able to be ordered in both Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7 models; however, it appears that only the Platinum colorway is currently in stock.

For the time being, the only Surface Pro 8 SKU that includes LTE models is the Surface Pro 8 for Business. It is not clear whether or not the LTE models will be coming to the consumer SKU, but it shouldn’t matter either way as consumers are able to order the business models with no problems at all. LTE service with an Intel Core i5 processor, 8 gigabytes of random access memory, and 128 gigabytes of storage space begins at $1,350.

Microsoft is offering the Intel Core i7 processor on the Surface Pro LTE model for the very first time. This marks a significant milestone for the Surface Pro line. Previous models of the Surface Pro could only support LTE connectivity if they were equipped with an Intel Core i5 processor. Since the Core i5 models lacked fans, they had sufficient space to accommodate an additional LTE modem. Microsoft has designed the Surface Pro 8 so that it has sufficient room for both a fan and an LTE modem to be installed inside the device.

Direct from the Microsoft Store, the Surface Pro 8 with LTE is now available for shipping. If links to other retailers become available in the future, we will make sure to add them to this post as soon as possible.

Classic 2-in-1:

Microsoft's redesigned Surface Pro 8 has Thunderbolt 4 and a much nicer  screen

The Surface Pro 8 lastly adopts the modern design that Microsoft first launched with Floor Professional X, now with two USB-C ports which are Thunderbolt four enabled, an upgraded 13-inch show with a high-refresh charge of 120Hz, and help for the Surface Pro X style Sort Covers with the Slim Pen charging cradle.

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