Uber’s JUMP bike-share now serving all Seattle neighborhoods

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A JUMP bike in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood. (GeekWire Photo / Kurt Schlosser)

Uber is expanding its JUMP bike-share service to the entire City of Seattle as it competes with Lime, the other bike rental player in the region.

What’s new: Starting Tuesday, JUMP bikes will be available for rent in Bitter Lake, Northgate, Lake City, Greenwood, Maple Leaf, Wedgwood, Magnolia, Madrona, and other neighborhoods that weren’t previously served. Uber has been steadily ramping up its service area in Seattle hoping to compete in a market that’s bullish on bike-share.

Price change: JUMP bikes will now cost a flat 15 cents per minute of ride time in Seattle. Before today, riders paid $1 to unlock a bike and 10 cents per minute after that. JUMP offers discounts for qualified low-income riders under its Boost Plan.

Be careful: In January, Uber made headlines for the $25 fee it charges riders who leave bikes outside the service area. The fee raised questions about whether Uber was complying with Seattle’s permit regulations, which require bike-share operators to serve neighborhoods historically neglected by transportation providers. Uber said the fee was just a warning and no Seattle riders had been charged but that changes Tuesday.

“Starting today, riders will get a warning when they end a trip outside of the service area, then be charged the $25 fee for any subsequent infractions,” Uber said.

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