Week in Geek Podcast: Our lunch with Anthony Bourdain, Microsoft’s campus revamp, and Big Fish jumps again

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GeekWire founders Todd Bishop (left) and John Cook (right) with chef Anthony Bourdain, host of CNN’s Parts Unknown.

On this episode of the Week In Geek podcast, we go behind the scenes with GeekWire co-founders Todd Bishop and John Cook after their on-camera lunch with Anthony Bourdain. Also, Microsoft announces it will knock down and rebuild its original Redmond campus, with room for 8,000 new workers. Seattle’s Big Fish Games will soon have another new owner. And finally, we name the finalists in our search for GeekWire HQ2.

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More on this week’s stories:

  • Anthony Bourdain’s recent “Parts Unknown” episode in Seattle drew mixed reactions based on its portrayal of the city and its changing culture, in addition to some of the editorial choices made by Bourdain and his crew. John and Todd, who lunched with the world-traveling chef for a segment of the episode, talk about the experience and give their thoughts about the outcome. RELATED STORY: Anthony Bourdain in Seattle: ‘Parts Unknown’ episode spotlights how tech is changing the city
  • Microsoft is embarking on an historic renovation of the original buildings on its Redmond campus, prompting John and Todd to reminisce about key Microsoft landmarks, ranging from the Bellevue Burgermaster to Lake Bill. But the big deal is here is Microsoft’s future, and the company’s plan to create a modern campus with room for 8,000 more workers. RELATED STORY: Microsoft plans to knock down and rebuild original Redmond campus, creating room for 8K more workers in historic redevelopment project
  • It was a head-scratcher when Churchill Downs Inc., operator of the Kentucky Derby, acquired Big Fish, the Seattle-based casual games maker, about three years ago. Now the company is being sold again, this time for even more money, to an Australian company. Don’t worry, Seattle: the new owner says it will be business as usual, with no plans to shrink or move Big Fish. RELATED STORY: Kentucky Derby operator Churchill Downs selling Big Fish Games for $990M, just three years after initial purchase
  • We’ve reached a milestone in our search for GeekWire’s second temporary headquarters, narrowing the field to four finalists: Denver; Raleigh, N.C.; Pittsburgh; and Cincinnati. GeekWire will be sending a team of reporters to the chosen city for the entire month of February, and we’ll be announcing our destination this month. RELATED STORY: GeekWire HQ2 search narrows to 4 finalists: Here’s your chance to vote on our second city

ON THE RANDOM CHANNEL THIS WEEK: The undercover scheme to deceive The Washington Post with a false story about sexual abuse; and an amazing adventure for a Seattle-based entrepreneur.

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