What the Ring camera hacks say about security, privacy and technology

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The hacking of multiple Ring cameras this week brought the sometimes abstract world of tech security and privacy into stark relief, as hackers watched and harassed families and children in their homes, demonstrating the frightening real-world consequences of weak password security. 

On this episode of the GeekWire Podcast, we explain what happened, discuss practical tips for making devices more secure, and explore the big picture implications for the industry and society. These are the latest incidents to put Amazon-owned Ring in the spotlight over security and privacy. Ring said it will introduce new security features, but it has yet to say what those will entail.

While biometric identification, facial recognition and artificial intelligence represent a potential replacement for passwords, they also come with potential trade-offs of their own, as demonstrated by new guidelines issued by the Port of Seattle for the use of such technologies.

In other news, we explore Seattle’s attempt to put rules and safety guidelines around the coming wave of scooter sharing services in the city.

And in our final segment, it’s a new installment of our Name that Tech Tune challenge, with a chance to win a GeekWire shirt.

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  • Tech industry’s password problems come home to roost with Ring security camera hacks
  • Hackers infiltrate Ring cameras in Florida and Tennessee and harass children
  • Tech experts agree it’s time to regulate artificial intelligence — if only it were that simple
  • Seattle port officials approve face recognition guardrails as feds waffle on the controversial tech
  • New documents reveal details of Seattle scooter-share pilot, including ban on sidewalk riding

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