What’s in store for the computer business in 2022: Threadripper, Intel GPUs, and mesh cases

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The personal computer (PC) community did not have a particularly pleasant year in 2021. Any attempt to purchase a GPU is still being hampered by the severe lack of available chips. The situation is getting better in other areas, which is a relief, but for PC gamers who are trying to step up their game, it is still a frustrating experience. I am thinking about the year 2022 and have made a list of forecasts regarding the events that I anticipate will take place during the following calendar year.

Mesh on each and every case

What's in store for the computer business in 2022: Threadripper, Intel GPUs, and mesh cases

PC cases that have front panels made of solid metal or plastic or tempered glass have become a popular option in recent years. However, as internal components have become more powerful, manufacturers of PC cases are looking into ways to optimize airflow and thermal performance. A replacement for those solid front panels that enables fans to truly draw in cold air can be made out of mesh, which is one method to meet both of these goals.

Taking into consideration what NZXT did with the H510 by releasing the, you can bet that in 2022 there will be a significant increase in the number of mesh cases available for purchase.

The problems with supply remain.

There have already been some noticeable advancements made to some components, including as motherboards and processors, among others. There is stock available at the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) or lower at Amazon, Newegg, and other stores, which makes it easy to create a new PC or upgrade an older one without spending more money than necessary.

It is anticipated that GPUs, along with the rest of the industry, will begin to recover by the year 2022; nevertheless, I have a feeling that we will continue to see chip shortages and supply concerns well into the year 2023.

Yet more NVIDIA GPUs

What's in store for the computer business in 2022: Threadripper, Intel GPUs, and mesh cases

In spite of supply chain problems, NVIDIA has been releasing a steady stream of new products throughout the year 2021. NVIDIA is responsible for developing some of the most powerful graphics cards currently available, such as the and the formidable . If you are able to find a card priced at its MSRP, you will be getting an amazing deal, especially on the lower-end alternatives.

And some GPUs produced by Intel

Arc is the codename for the forthcoming family of dedicated graphics processing units (GPUs) from Intel. Intel, in an effort to compete with AMD and NVIDIA, has decided that it is no longer willing to be restricted to the onboard graphics that are included on its CPUs. Instead, the company plans to produce new dedicated GPUs for gaming and productivity purposes. There is not much information available at this time, however you can anticipate seeing a few releases in 2022.

In particular, I anticipate that MSRP will reflect the new competition coming from Intel in the low to mid-range of card prices. It is not clear to me how Intel intends to debut its graphics processing unit (GPU). It is possible that the majority of its cards will be integrated in prebuilt personal computers to assist in the fight against bitcoin miners and scalpers. We have already noticed an increase in the number of prebuilt computers for 2022, and even our company now recommends them as a means of acquiring a GPU.

AMD Threadripper meets Zen 3

What's in store for the computer business in 2022: Threadripper, Intel GPUs, and mesh cases

To compete with Threadripper, I believe AMD will introduce Zen 3. The flagship model of Intel’s Threadripper CPU family, the , is still based on the Zen 2 architecture. It remains to be seen whether these processors will be a part of a 5000 series or a 6000 series, but one thing is certain: they are on the way. Given how far Intel has come with the debut of its 12th Generation processors, it will be fascinating to see what both companies can come up with for consumers, enthusiasts, and businesses.

There is still no Star Citizen available… not yet.

This forecast isn’t directly associated with personal computer technology, but I’ve been following the development of Star Citizen ever since it was initially brought to public attention in 2011, and I anxiously anticipate the game’s release. In my predictions for PC gaming in 2018, I discussed the massively multiplayer space simulation game. Unfortunately, the game did not come out in 2018, and it also missed a few dates on its roadmap.

The Star Citizen project that Chris Roberts is working on still has several million (or maybe billion at this point?) dollars invested in it. It is playable, but there is still a significant amount of time left before the official release of the game. I am referring to both Star Citizen and Squadron 42 when I say “game.” Even if it won’t be finished in 2022 as planned, I still hold out hope that it will be completed at some point in the future.

What do you think will happen?

You have read my speculations regarding the events that will take place in 2022; now tell me, what do you anticipate will occur? Are there any of my forecasts that you agree with? Do you have some crazy ones of your own to share? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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