You can rest your gamer head on this motorized gaming bed

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We like to write about gaming thrones here at The Verge on occasion, whether they’re shaped like scorpions, semi-circles, or… well, I’m not sure how to characterize this one. But the issue about thrones is that they come with a lot of baggage – being MVP and getting the game’s best player every round can be exhausting. Thankfully, Gizmodo has the solution: a motorized gaming bed that shifts you from sleeping to pwning at the touch of a button while keeping your gaming setup within reach.

Motorized Electric Gaming Bed takes gaming furniture to next level - Japan  Today

The Bauhutte and are designed to function together: your computer sits on the adjustable desk, which is designed to fit beneath a bed, and the bed frame utilizes motors to raise your back and legs into a seated posture (though, admittedly, not a very ergonomic one). You can use a remote stored on the side of your bed to lower yourself back into a sleeping posture after your gaming session, so you can curl up and rest your tired eyes. It can also independently raise and lower the head and feet portions, offering you a variety of sleeping and sitting positions.
A fleet of accessories is also available. According to Bauhutte’s website, you can complement your gaming bed with a “” that , table, and storage unit (for your gaming peripherals, of course), or even a “” that ensures you’re as stealthy in real life as you are in the game. Bauhutte is selling you a way of life, not simply a bed or a gaming chair. It’s worth noting that the company appears to have been building up to this point: a of the gaming bed arrangement was released in 2020, and the was announced in 2021. It’s all come together now to create motorized bliss.

Game while sleeping: Check out this motorized bed made for dedicated gamers  | TechSpot

While I doubt this product would be particularly pleasant as a bed or a chair, I don’t think it’s fair to dismiss it completely. For someone who lives in a small place, such as a single bedroom or studio apartment, this could be a good method to cram a bed and a desk into a small space. It could also be beneficial to persons who have limited movement; mechanical aid in getting out of bed could be extremely beneficial.
According to Gizmodo, the bed frame alone costs roughly $480 (or 59,800 yen), and it costs around $680 (84,709 yen) . The frame is approximately 78 inches long and 37 inches wide, allowing it to accommodate a . Unfortunately, it appears like Bauhutte is in selling the bed in Japan, as the solo frame is now unavailable on .
There are lots of other motorized bed frames available, however it’s difficult to say whether they’d feel the same without the desk and gamer branding.

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