What is Skyactiv Technology? 3 Basic Benefits of it

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If you’re looking for a new car with great fuel economy, you’ve probably come across the term ‘Skyactiv technology’. Skyactiv technology has been developed by Japanese carmaker Mazda over the past few years and describes a series of technological advancements that make their vehicles safer, better driven and more efficient. Keep reading to find out what is Skyactiv technology and the benefits it offers in this article.

What is Skyactiv Technology?

Over the last few years, many automakers have had to make a decision as to whether they want to develop an electric car or focus on making their existing engines more efficient. From the outset, Mazda’s strategy for vehicle electrification has been simple: it won’t develop one. Instead, the company decided to focus on clean gasoline and diesel powertrains rather than electric cars.

“Everyone is releasing an electric vehicle (EV) or a hybrid, but Mazda has decided not to try to change the way people drive,” said Mr. Wager from Mazda. Mazda decided to find a way to influence everyone. Everything in the car aims to bring consumers to the same goal: to be more environmentally conscious as well as to be more fuel efficient.”

What is Skyactiv Technology?

Skyactiv technology is a revolutionary set of automotive enhancements that Mazda engineers have developed to meet the needs of drivers of today and of the future. It is the brand name of a series of automotive technologies developed by Mazda to increase fuel efficiency and engine power. SkyActiv is a group of elements that include an improved engine and transmission, a sleeker exterior design and the ‘light weight’ of structural components that deliver significant fuel economy, safety and other benefits for Mazda vehicles.

In a span of fewer than eight years, Mazda has cut down on overall weight, tweaked the engine, tweaked the transmission, and made a host of other smaller changes to achieve its goal of a 30 percent improvement without needing to change. use hybrid or electric vehicles, making it the manufacturer with the highest average fuel economy in the US from 2012 to 2016.

The benefits of Skyactiv technology

SkyActiv has focused on three main areas. First, Mazda has made its engines more efficient. Its new engine boasts a 14:1 compression ratio – the lowest of any mass-produced diesel engine in the world. This has resulted in a 20% increase in fuel economy and a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions – giving drivers cheaper road taxes. Its compression ratio is higher than that of a Formula One engine.

In addition to promoting engine performance, Mazda also focuses on improving the aerodynamic design of its cars. Most current Mazda models are lighter than before because the company uses high-tensile steel, which is lighter but stronger than regular steel.

Third, Mazda has made its transmission more efficient. Its lightweight six-speed manual transmission delivers clean shifting while the automatic transmission with an advanced torque converter and locking clutch improves fuel economy by up to 7%.

Application of Skyactiv Technology on Mazda

Skyactiv-G engine

The skyactiv-G engine is a direct-injection gasoline engine developed by Mazda. This type of engine has an aluminum construction, the dual camshafts are chain-driven. They have outstanding advantages such as compact size, lightweight, quick start, strong acceleration, smooth operation, fuel economy and environmental friendliness.

Skyactiv-G engine

With Skyactiv technology – G has a compression ratio of up to 14:1, thereby reducing detonation at high pressure. Excess fuel in the combustion process is also treated by a 4-2-1 exhaust system, with reasonably arranged commutators that contribute to reducing hot air remaining in the engine cylinders. This engine can improve fuel efficiency by about 15% and torque by 15% in the low to medium speed range. This will help the car get impressive acceleration and smoother operation. The Skyactiv-G engine has very low emissions. This type of engine fully meets the emission standards of ULEV. Currently, most of Mazda’s commercial cars are equipped with Skyactiv-G engines such as: Mazda2, Mazda6, Mazda CX-3, CX5, and CX8…

Skyactiv-D engine

The skyactiv-D engine is a turbocharged Diesel engine developed by Mazda. The biggest advantage of this engine is that it meets global emission standards. Skyactiv-D uses a two-stage turbocharger. It includes a small turbocharger and a large turbocharger that is selectively operated according to actual travel conditions.

Skyactiv-X engine

Skyactiv-X technology is the first commercial gasoline engine to apply the HCCI uniform compression ignition technology developed by Mazda. With this technology, the mixture of air and gasoline is compressed to such an extreme, high pressure that they ignite on their own without the need for a spark plug. Skyactiv-X achieves a compression ratio of up to 16:1, through which they can act as a model of a turbocharged engine, with a small displacement but large capacity. The fuel in the Skyactiv-X engine is burned thoroughly, thereby reducing fuel consumption and emissions into the environment.


Skyactiv-Drive technology is Mazda’s automatic transmission development technology. The Japanese automaker no longer uses a dual-clutch transmission because it thinks that this type of gearbox is not optimal in some cases. Instead, Mazda redesigned the conventional automatic transmission itself. In particular, the manufacturer has made the torque converter less of a task, while the multi-disc clutch takes care of most of the work.



Skyactiv-Body is Mazda’s new bodywork development technology. Skyactiv-Body makes the vehicle lighter, stronger and safer by increasing the proportion of high-tensile steel…


Mazda’s Skyactiv technology has delivered ground-breaking improvements in the efficiency, performance and drivability of its vehicles, and has put Mazda ahead of its competitors. Driving a Skyactiv is like driving any other vehicle, it’s just more fun, more fuel efficient and safer. Today’s article has helped you answer the question “What is Skyactiv technology?”. Hopefully through the article, readers have understood more about the relevant information of the Japanese automaker!

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