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IDrive is a cloud storage program that enables online cloud backup for your PCs, Macs, and mobile devices. Best Cloud Backup Services Providers might be useful if you need to sync internet information or back up several devices. IDrive may be convenient, but is it really all that it’s built up to be? Let’s ngoinhanho101.com the pros and cons to see if IDrive is the best Best Cloud Backup Services Providers for you.

What’s Cloud backup data?

The data and programs on a company’s servers are backed up and saved on a remote server as part of the Best Cloud Backup Services Providers. To preserve files and data accessible in the case of a system failure, outage, or natural disaster, businesses choose to back up to the cloud. Business cloud backup works by transferring and storing the contents on your server to a server in a different physical location. Depending on preference, a firm can back up some or all server files.

Customers often use a web browser or the control panel of the Best Cloud Backup Services Providers to back up and restore their data and apps. Many businesses currently keep the majority or all of their mission-critical data and applications on cloud servers, necessitating the need for cloud server backup. According to a recent Clutch poll, file backup and disaster recovery is the second most popular usage of cloud computing among medium and large businesses. Only file storage (70 percent) is more common among enterprise responders who utilize the cloud for this purpose, at sixty-two percent.

Why IDrive is the Best Cloud Backup Services Providers?

1. An overview of IDrive- Best Cloud Backup Services Providers

An overview of IDrive- Best Cloud Backup Services Providers
An overview of IDrive- Best Cloud Backup Services Providers

IDrive provides the most value for your money, allowing you to back up an unlimited number of computers up to a maximum of either 5TB or 10TB ($3.98 for the first year for readers of Tom’s Guide, which should be plenty for the majority of users. It is the greatest Best Cloud Backup Services Providers, according to our editor.

IDrive has quick upload speeds, mobile apps that really back up the devices they are installed on (and even identify faces in photographs for simple tagging), a sizable file-syncing option, and even the ability to send in an entire drive rather than wasting days downloading data. IDrive also permanently saves older versions of every file, which is useful, but you’ll need to be aware of the storage limits. It also includes two-factor authentication, a crucial feature that all online Best Cloud Backup Services Providers ought to provide.

2. The main features of IDrive

IDrive gives users the option to back up files from an infinite number of laptops, smartphones, connected hard disks, and NAS drives. IDrive can back up SQL, SharePoint, Exchange, and Linux servers for enterprises. You can enable sync so that updates to your files are immediately reflected in the cloud. Using the IDrive online interface, you may also easily copy files into the cloud.

IDrive makes scheduling backups from your devices reasonably simple. You can select starting timings for your backups as well as plan them to run every day or on particular days of the week. Additionally, you have the choice of getting an email or desktop notification when backups are finished.

You can use it to create various backup schedules for various file groups. You may set up weekly backups for folders that aren’t updated very often, and daily backups for projects you’re working on right now. IDrive enables link-based file sharing. A maximum amount of downloads or an expiration date (up to 30 days) can be added to each share link (up to 25 times). You may secure sharing links by adding a password. However, it does not permit the direct emailing of files. You must make a sharing link and deliver it directly to the receiver. Through the IDrive dashboard, you can keep track of any active share link you have.

3. The advantages and disadvantages of IDrive

The advantages and disadvantages of IDrive
The advantages and disadvantages of IDrive

The Pros of IDrive:

  • The Best Affordable Backup System: IDrive, which starts at $59.62 per year and frequently offers 50% off, is one of the more affordable backup systems available today. And for such a low cost, IDrive appears to offer a number of powerful capabilities built into its platform, such as the capacity to host an unlimited number of devices under a single cloud account. IDrive offers to make a separate folder for each device if you are backing up data from numerous machines in order to prevent data duplication. Any web browser can be used to remotely manage computers, view a limitless number of files, and restore lost data.
  • Sync Online Files: The most practical approach to sharing files with anybody you choose is to sync them across various devices, and IDrive now provides a real-time online file sync and share the solution. Through this synchronization method, you may access your most important data from any device, and you can choose to link any computer you want to keep files synchronized. You can add files to this folder using IDrive’s special folder structure to sync them instantly.
  • Security and data protection: With private keys and encryption networks, IDrive also purports to offer high security and data protection. IDrive encrypts all data during transport and storage with 256-bit AES, and you have the option to maximize your privacy by making a unique private key for your account. The IDrive application is now hosted by top-tier facilities and data centers, so you know that your data is also physically secure.
  • IDrive’s snapshot and versioning features offer a historical perspective of data and keep track of up to 30 previous versions of all the files you’ve backed up to the cloud. If ransomware infects your system, IDrive Snapshots enable you to execute point-in-time recovery on your most important files. IDrive Snapshots gives you the option to choose a timeline prior to the infection and restore your data if your data does become contaminated.

The downsides of IDrive:

  • Inadequate Customer Assistance: Technology applications should provide enough customer support, especially for cloud storage Best Cloud Backup Services Providers, where you are almost certainly storing important data and files. However, a lot of users have claimed that when they sought to contact IDrive’s customer support team, it typically forwarded them to an automated bot system that wasn’t helpful with their questions. This shows how severely inadequate IDrive is in this area.
  • Slow and Unreliable: Best Cloud Backup Services Providers should have a quick system, but many user evaluations indicate that this isn’t the case with IDrive. When trying to back up their files, one customer claimed to have lost vital documents during the syncing process, and IDrive took 2.5 weeks to save 2.2TB of data. Despite the fact that IDrive offers two, five, 10, and 15TB of data storage, many users discovered that downloading a terabyte of data takes about a week.
  • PC Backups Don’t Function: IDrive’s unreliability is undoubtedly related to the problem with their PC backups not functioning well or at all. We observed that nine out of ten customers experienced issues with this particular feature, which is simply unacceptable for software that prides itself on offering trustworthy backups. For instance, numerous users reported that IDrive’s backup feature would abruptly cease working and that unjustified error messages were frequently displayed.


On paper, IDrive appears to have a reasonable infrastructure overall, but you shouldn’t disregard the unfavorable comments. Despite the fact that IDrive advertises itself as an inexpensive backup system with smooth online file syncing, many users found that it just fell short of expectations. The mobile app seems to function well for many users, and there weren’t many concerns about the security aspect of things, so it’s not all awful. We advise you to do extensive research on this product before making a purchase in this instance because there might be better choices available.

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