How to Use an Amazon Echo to Control Your Roku

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It can be awkward to control your Roku video streamer with the normal remote control, but if you have an Amazon Echo, you don’t have to. Switch to a specific channel, play and stop a show, manage the volume, and search for your favorite content on your Roku by speaking to Alexa.

You’ll need an Echo device that can interface with your Roku for this operation to work, but almost all of them can, including the Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Show, Echo Dot, and the now-defunct Echo Spot. A Roku with Roku OS 8.1 or higher is also required.

To begin, make sure your Roku device is turned on, then open the Alexa app on your smartphone. To get a list of all the streaming services that Alexa can operate, tap the hamburger icon and select Settings > TV & Video.

Alexa app service screen

In this case, choose the entry for Roku and arrange the related talent by tapping Allow Ability on the following web page. There might be a listing of instance instructions you can provide to Alexa to manage your Roku system or sensible TV.

Alexa app link screen

You’ll then be requested to signal into your Roku account. On the subsequent display, faucet the Settle for and Proceed button. Select the placement in your system and faucet Save. Your Roku is known for utilizing the placement you chose.

roku login screen

On the subsequent display, faucet the Hyperlink to the Alexa App button, then proceed to Alexa App. Roku has now been efficiently linked together with your Alexa account.

Roku connect screen

Alexa will now scan in your close by Roku system. Choose the identity of the system you wish to manage, and faucet Proceed.

Alexa app device screen

Select the Echo system you wish to use when controlling this Roku, then faucet the Hyperlink Gadgets button. This can permit your Echo to speak immediately with Roku through Alexa.

Alexa app Echo screen

You’ll then be proven the Echo you selected because of the linked system. You may hyperlink one other Echo by tapping the Hyperlink One other Gadget button or return to the Roku talent by tapping the Return to Roku hyperlink on the backside of the display.

Alexa app connected device screen

You can now use your Echo to operate your Roku by issuing commands to it. Check out the Roku support website for Alexa and the Roku blog that introduces the Alexa skill to see some of the commands you can use.

Some sentences to consider are: “Alexa, turn up the volume on my Roku,” “Alexa, turn down the volume on my Roku,” “Alexa, turn off the volume on my Roku,” “Alexa, open the Roku Channel on my Roku,” “Alexa, discover science fiction on my Roku,” and “Alexa, go home on my Roku” are all commands that can be sent to Alexa.

Roku screen

Remember to provide the name of the device in your command if you have more than one Roku, such as “Alexa, open the Roku Channel on my living room Roku.” You may also tell Alexa to open a range of different Roku channels, although not all of them are supported.

I was able to get Alexa to access the Roku Channel, HBO Now, YouTube, and Hulu, but not more esoteric channels like Kanopy or The Criterion Channel, in my experience.

You can give Alexa even more commands, such as turning on the TV, if you have a Roku TV rather than just a Roku device. To enable Fast TV Start on your Roku TV, navigate to Settings > System > Power and check the box.

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