Lucca Bozzi Solar Wallet Review

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The Lucca Bozzi Wallet was an early example of a smart wallet, having raised roughly $170.000 on Kickstarter back in 2016. With an integrated solar charging capabilities, it was a bold and original design that took the concept of a wallet infused with technology one step further than others. In addition, the Lucca Bozzi wallet had a very modern, sleek, and appealing design, with a thin profile and high-quality leather.

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Lucca Bozzi Solar Wallet Review

The Wallet with Solar Charging

On paper, the Lucca Bozzi is an excellent concept that builds on the already popular smart wallet fad, which includes GPS tracking in many wallets. It’s no surprise Lucca Bozzi’s ad was a success, with an appealing design and features that people wanted to try out, thanks to the rising versatility of smartphones. The following is an excerpt from their press release:

“The phone and wallet are the two most frequently carried daily devices. Why hasn’t your wallet evolved as much as your phone in the last several years?” “Our priority has been to create a beautiful, timeless design while also working with the best engineers to develop an item that the vast majority of the globe wears on a daily basis.” — CEO and Co-Founder

Below are some more technical details, such as the wallet and what the Lucca Bozzi team promised investors.

Lucca Bozzi Solar Wallet | USB Charge Capabilities (Micro-USB) | Review

Backers on Kickstarter

It’s the trusting backers that get the full front of any Kickstarter project that fails to deliver, as it is with any Kickstarter project that fails to deliver. Disappointment at not being able to deliver on time quickly evolves to rage as more and more individuals realize things aren’t as they appear. The following are some of the comments on the Lucca Bozzi’s community page:

Lucca Bozzi Solar Wallet Review

I identified a few reoccurring themes surrounding the wallet after reading hundreds of comments. While the vast majority of the comments are from people hoping to learn more about the Lucca Bozzi’s whereabouts, many people have yet to hear from the company.

The majority of complaints stem from the wallet being excessively huge in comparison to the photographs. The solar charging battery cell was plainly far too large in actuality, resulting in a wallet that was significantly larger, heavier, and less adaptable to use. This also explains why the battery’s charging capabilities were lacking. Many users stated that they couldn’t get close to 100% charge before the device died.

Lucca Bozzi’s Legacies

Lucca Bozzi Solar Wallet Review

Lucca Bozzi, I believe, has simply ran out of money. That’s why some people got wallets while others didn’t. Producing and manufacturing a wallet isn’t cheap, and when combined with high-tech components, the price will almost certainly skyrocket. When they ran out of money, they cut corners with design and simply stopped production when the money ran out.

Nobody knows what happened to the Lucca Bozzi Wallet to this day. Although their website is no longer operational (though it may still be accessed via the Wayback Machine), Lucca Bozzi’s legacy has not faded entirely. You may still get access to their Press Kit on Dropbox today. Here, you can truly appreciate the wallet’s work and imagination in becoming what it wanted to be. Unlike past hoaxes, I don’t believe the Lucca Bozzi Wallet was ever intended to end up the way it did.

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