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Lyft looking to add food, medical supplies delivery service

You are interested in Lyft looking to add food, medical supplies delivery service right? So let's go together look forward to seeing this article right here!

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Ride-sharing company Lyft says it is exploring government and health care partnerships to create safer earning opportunities for drivers by having them deliver medical supplies, food and other items.

“This is an unprecedented situation for all industries and communities, and our focus is on helping keep our riders, drivers and team members safe. We are working hard to support those who drive with Lyft and are coordinating with government officials on additional solutions,” Lyft said in a statement to U.S. TODAY.

Lyft, along with Uber, also announced Tuesday that it would be suspending its shared rides feature in the United States and Canada, in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Shared rides offered users the opportunity to have multiple passengers heading in the same direction in one vehicle for a cheaper fare.

Additionally, Lyft indicated that it is advocating for policy solutions, which could include federal stimulus for drivers and other workers in similar positions.

The Trump administration is reportedly proposing an initial $250 billion to be sent to Americans as early as the end of April, if it can muster congressional approval to address potential earnings shortfalls related to COVID-19.

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