The top 6 mouse pads

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Mouse pads give your mouse a smooth, homogeneous surface on which to glide smoothly and precisely. They also serve a dual purpose: they protect your desktop and mouse while also collecting lint and dust that would otherwise cling to your mouse. They’re also easy to clean, ensuring that your desk is spotless. Mouse pads are available in a variety of colors and materials. You have the option of a silky smooth layer for quick motions or a rougher textured surface for better precision. Gamers, in particular, will have distinct preferences based on the games they play and their playing style, but everyone may utilize a good mouse pad to lessen the danger of slipping or tracking errors.

Some of the most recent mouse pads even have RGB illumination, allowing you to adapt your mouse pad to your keyboard, mouse, and rig lighting. Others include wireless charging, which might be really useful if your mouse supports it.

I’ve put numerous mouse pads to the test, using them for both work and gaming to determine what advantages they provide. I also included my 11-year-old son in the testing process, putting each mouse pad through its paces in an 11-year-old gamer’s room.

The very best mouse pad general

The top 6 mouse pads

The incorporates a slick, sturdy floor with a non-skid base, making it our favorite mouse pad. 

Pros: Smooth surface balances speed and precision; large option for covering desktop; thick cushioning for added comfort; sewn edges to avoid fraying
There are no disadvantages.

The Corsair MM350 Pro is a high-quality mouse pad that can hold your mouse and keyboard while also protecting your desktop. Its padded comfort also helps to lessen mechanical key clacking sounds by absorbing the impact of your key presses.
The pad has a micro-weave surface on top, and Corsair’s cloth is silky smooth and dense. It’s ideal for quick, frenzied action that necessitates sweeping movements because of this. Thankfully, it doesn’t appear to sacrifice much precision in order to achieve speed, so it’s suitable for both precise gaming and everyday tasks.
An anti-skid rubber foundation covers the pad’s bottom, ensuring that it never slips. The pad’s precise stitching around the edges assures that it will last (cloth mouse pads tend to unravel after a while). The smooth top layer is also spill-proof and, of all the mouse pads I tested, the easiest to clean.
The MM300 Pro, which is more of a regular medium-sized mouse pad, offers the same high-quality design in a smaller and less expensive form. For the price, we like the size of Corsair’s pad.

The very best funds mouse pad

The top 6 mouse pads

The has everything you want in a fabric mouse pad at around $10: a textured floor, padded consolation, and a non-slip underside.

Pros: Well-balanced surface for speed and precision, plush padding and a variety of sizes

Cons: There is no stitching to protect the edges, and the green sides may not be to everyone’s taste.

You can’t get much for $10 these days, but you can acquire Razer’s Gigantus V2 mouse pad for that price. It’s a little bigger than similar-priced competitors, and it’s a nice place to rest your wrist.

The top layer, made of textured microweave, is quite pleasant to the touch and provides an excellent balance of speed and precision. It’s a little smoother than the , but not quite as silky as the Corsair MM350 Pro. On the bottom, there’s a brilliant green anti-slip coating that peeks out around the sides and in the modest Razer logo tag.

Unfortunately, there is no stitching around the borders of this mouse pad, so it may fray and disintegrate over time. The top layer, on the other hand, is easy to clean and feels durable. My kid has been using the huge Razer Gigantus V2 for more than six months, and it is still in excellent condition after a quick wipe with a moist towel.

If you find the medium to be too little, there are additional sizes available to ensure you never run out of room. The largest 3XL option measures 47.24 x 21.65 inches but costs five times as much.

The very best outsized mouse pad

The top 6 mouse pads

The widespread mouse pad will coat your complete desktop in mouse-friendly padding.

Pros: Largest mouse pad on the market, available in a variety of sizes, sewn edges to avoid fraying, machine washable

Cons: Spills and dirt are absorbed by the open fabric.

If you’re looking for something enormous, Glorious PC Gaming Race’s largest mouse pad has you and your entire desktop covered. With its velvety padded top layer, it surely adds to the comfort. This fabric mouse pad provides a decent balance between precision and speed, but favors precision over speed. When compared to the Corsair MM350 Pro, it feels a little rough, but it has a non-slip rubber base that keeps it from sliding about, which is significant because more objects will be piled atop the oversized pad.

It has neat stitching around the edges to prevent fraying and is machine washable. Because the top surface is plain black and absorbent, this is critical. It also gathers up stains and dust rapidly, in my experience. Before you buy, make sure you measure your desktop because this thing is big, however it does available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The very best arduous mouse pad

The top 6 mouse pads

If you’d like a mouse pad that may keep in place and excellent ship precision,  the arduous mouse pad delivers.

Pros: Slick surface for speed and fine control, long-lasting hard plastic covering, and compatibility with mice with high DPI settings

Cons: It’s not very pleasant to use, and there’s just one size available.

This small mouse pad illustrates that you don’t need a lot of space, especially if you utilize the dots-per-inch (DPI) settings to increase mouse sensitivity. With a mouse set to a high DPI and this firm surface, even the tiniest and fastest motions register precisely, allowing you to manipulate your mouse exceptionally swiftly.

The Logitech G440 has a firm, easy-to-clean surface with just a little give, thanks to a polypropylene top layer, a polystyrene core, and a rubber base for extra grip. It features a flat surface that never slid about during testing. The only thing that breaks up the black surface is a basic white G in the bottom right corner, although the bottom layer is blue, giving the pad a tiny flash of color around the base.

The very best mouse pad with lighting

The top 6 mouse pads

The offers a body glowing gentle across the mouse pad, an reasonably priced choice for RGB followers.

Pros: Bright programmable RGB lighting, textured surface for precision, comfy padding, and two sizes to choose from

Cons: Expensive in comparison to other mouse pads (but inexpensive for RGB mouse pads), requires plugging in, and has a visible power control module on the top left.

I was suspicious of light-up mouse pads at first, but the Roccat Sense AIMO has convinced me otherwise.

It comes in two sizes, but I tried the smaller one and discovered that the flexible material is similar to others I’ve tried, but with a twist. The main distinction is that it connects to a computer through a Micro USB to USB-A wire and has a frame around the outside (below the stitching) that lights up in a rainbow of colors.

This powerful RGB light includes two programmable zones that you can tweak using Roccat’s Swarm software, or you can just let it cycle through the colors as is. If you download the Sense AIMO module and set it to intelligent lighting, it will react to some of the gadgets and apps you use. Other effects are available, and if you have Roccat equipment, you may sync it with your mouse and keyboard.

Aside from the lights, this is a cloth mouse pad with a prominent textured feel, yet I find it far more comfortable to lay my hand on than other harsher mouse pads. Accuracy and speed are adequate, however accuracy is preferred. There’s also a non-slip rubberized rear to keep you from slipping.

You’ll need a spare USB port to plug this into, and it’ll add another cord to your desk, which is a major drawback for me. The module into which the cable is plugged is likewise rather large, featuring a brightness adjustment button that can be customized via software. If you use a wired mouse, this module could be a stumbling block.

The very best wireless-charging mouse pad

Corsair MM100

The mouse pad will swimsuit you nicely for a dual-purpose decision on your desk, superb for clicking and charging. 

Pros: Charges any Qi wireless charging device, has a USB 3.0 pass-through port, and is reasonably priced.

Cons: You can’t charge the mouse while it’s in use, and there’s no soft surface option.

The MM1000 from Corsair is the mouse pad to have if you want a versatile mouse pad that can also charge your gadgets. Aside from wireless charging, it includes several smart features and nails the fundamentals of a decent hard mouse pad, but it does have some drawbacks.

The Corsair MM1000 has a huge power module at the top left that has to be hooked into a USB port. It has a rough textured surface that offers reduced friction for quick motions.

The wireless charging zone is a dedicated region at the top right of the screen that can charge any device that supports Qi wireless charging, making it unique among competitors. You simply rest your mouse on the charging place with the Corsair MM1000, albeit you can’t charge your battery while using it.

Corsair has added a USB 3.0 pass-through port to the bulky power module, turning it into a positive. You may also charge other devices on the charging point via Corsair’s USB to Micro USB, Type C, and Lightning connectors.

While it is expensive, it is not nearly as expensive as the competition, however, you could save a lot of money by pairing one of the best wireless chargers with our budget mouse pad option.

What else do we think of

What else we considered

: A former prime decides that this fundamental fabric mouse pad does the fundamentals correctly, providing padded consolation with a micro-weave fabric floor and an anti-skid rubber backside. It is a reasonably priced no-frills mouse pad that delivers. Ranging from simply $10, it is also very reasonably priced, and another choice apart from our funds decides, the Razer Gigantus V2.

: This rigid mouse pad has a distinctive dual-sided design with one aspect designed for pace and the opposite for precision, although it is not as reasonably priced as a few of our different picks.

AmazonBasics Gel Computer Mouse Pad: Whereas a funds choice, it is minimal and there is some doubt about whether or not wrist rests provide any profit. When you arrange your desk, chair, and place ergonomically, you should not want a wrist relaxation in your mouse pad in any respect.

While the is a low-cost choice, it’s rather small, and there’s considerable debate over whether wrist rests are beneficial. You shouldn’t need a wrist-rest on your mouse pad if you set up your desk, chair, and position ergonomically.

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