5 Ways How to Put Apps in Alphabetical Order on iPhone

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Do you find it difficult to search and open apps on your iPhone? Do you want to organize them alphabetically but don’t know how to put apps in alphabetical order on iPhone? This article will teach you the step-by-step process for this. Rearranging apps help in cleaning up the disorganized and messy home screen. Reset Home Screen Layout is the main reason for changing the layout of apps to the default one.

Reset iPhone Home Screen Layout

Resetting the home screen layout can affect several settings on your iPhone. It will reset the iPhone’s home screen and built-in apps to its factory default layout. The previously created app folders will be deleted. The built-in apps will not be organized in alphabetical order. The recently downloaded and installed apps will be rearranged alphabetically. Keep in mind that the dock customizations and layout changes will be lost.

How to Reset iPhone Home Screen?

Reset Home Screen Layout of iPhone organizes the built-in apps the same way they were when you first turned on your phone. To reset your iPhone home screen and reorganize the apps, open Settings and then select General. Click Transfer or Reset iPhone at the bottom of the menu and tap Reset. Next, click on the Reset Home Screen Layout option, and at last, select the Reset Home Screen tab for confirmation.  

Use Home Screen Layout to Find Hidden Apps

5 Ways How to Put Apps in Alphabetical Order on iPhone

Before organizing apps alphabetically, it’s important to discover the hidden apps that remain in the App Library even after uninstallation. Don’t have any idea or iPad? Don’t worry; you can find hidden apps by resetting the Home Screen layout to its original state. But note that it will lose all Home Screen app folders and arrangements. Other methods you can use include Settings App and Spotlight Search.

Arrange Apps with Settings

The easiest way to arrange your apps in alphabetical order is to open Settings on your iPhone. Click General and then Reset. Click on the Reset Home Screen Layout. Now, tap the Reset button in the Reset Home Screen pop-up. Once you do that, you will return to the home screen, where apps are rearranged. To organize default apps alphabetically, tap and hold the specific app, and drag and drop to the position required.   

Arrange App Store Apps

When it comes to how to put apps in alphabetical order on iPhone, Settings App is recommended. But, there are certain things that you must know before using this method, or else you will lose all app folders. Thus, to protect the folders, you have created for your apps, manually arrange the iPhone apps. Also, the Settings app can’t organize built-in apps alphabetically. It’ll organize apps downloaded from the App Store.

Arrange Apps Alphabetically

Another way to sort iPhone apps is to put them in folders by tapping and holding on the required app. Select Edit Home Screen and then drag an app on top of another application. It will automatically create a folder with specific apps inside of it. If you would like to add more apps to that folder, simply drag them to the top of that folder. Then rename a newly created folder. You can delete the current folder name and give it a new name.

Put Home Screen in Edit Mode

5 Ways How to Put Apps in Alphabetical Order on iPhone

You can edit Home Screen on your iPhone using contextual menus. Alternatively, long press them until the icons jiggle to move them. To put the in alphabetical sequence using a contextual menu, tap and hold the app icon. Now, click on the Edit Home Screen to open the edit mode. It will allow you to easily transfer apps, delete or add them from the folders, and do lots more editing.

Rearrange iPhone Apps

As you read above, you can do several editing by putting the Home Screen in Edit Mode. To rearrange the apps on your iOS 16, keep the required app in the Edit Mode. Then, drag that app icon and move it around to the position you want it to be, and let go. To drag multiple apps simultaneously, click each additional icon and add it to the stack. Then, move them easily to the desired position. To exit Edit Mode, click on any space on Home Screen.

The Conclusion

iPhone Home Screen is the most crucial aspect of accessing all applications. However, it may become a cause of frustration when it becomes messy. To make your apps easily open on Home Screen pages and accessible for use, it is necessary to sort them alphabetically. Reset your iPhone’s Home Screen layout, and all the apps will appear alphabetically in ascending order.

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