Electronic devices in computer: Definition and 3 Popular Types

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If you were born within the previous several decades, you probably find it difficult to envisage a world without computers. The computer is only one of the numerous technological devices that enable modern life. So, what is electronic devices? and what are electronic devices in computer? Let’s discover with Ngoinhanho101 in the following article.

What is electronic devices?

Electronic devices are objects with a fundamental structure that includes electronic circuits and semiconductor components. Most likely, mechanical functions won’t be present in these electrical devices. Automation is used to operate electronic equipment. and use contemporary technologies. Electronic equipment helps boost output and efficiency at work, accelerate manufacturing, and guarantee product quality. The quality of life is also enhanced by household electronics. Electronic technologies have contributed to society being more advanced and modern.

Electronic devices are not only components, modern equipment is only applied to modern sciences. Electronic devices are widely used and applied in our life. In daily life, electronic devices are essential items and tools that you still have to use every day. These devices help you reduce effort and time for cleaning such as washing machines, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, etc. Or electronic devices with entertainment functions, improving the spiritual life such as LED television, computer, etc.

Electronic Devices in Computer Types

Electronics come in a variety of forms that can be grouped based on internal design. Three types of devices can be identified by looking at an electronic system’s internal architecture.

Input gadgets

An input device is a piece of hardware that can generate electrical signals that can be processed in an electronic circuit and transmit data to a computer. Among the various types of input devices are a keyboard, a microphone, and switches.

Input device of computer

Gadgets that process information

A processing device is a component of a computer that is used as an intermediate stage for the interpretation and manipulation of incoming data or information. Central processing units (CPUs), motherboards, sound cards, and video cards are some examples of processing equipment.

Processing device of computer

Output gadgets

A piece of hardware known as an output device receives data from a computer and converts it into another format. Printers, projector screens, and headphones are a few examples of output devices.

Output device of computer

Similarly, components can be used to group electronics. They are recognized as being independent and incorporated.

Independent – Electronics parts can be produced as a single unit or in the most basic form, known as discrete form. Independent electronic parts include diodes, transistors, resistors, and capacitors.

Integrated – Complex circuits that are created in conjunction with other components are known as integrated components. A motherboard made of semiconductor materials or a microchip are a couple of examples.

What are electronic devices in computer?

Let’s examine electronic devices in computer in more detail as an example of an electronic gadget. Microchips, also known as integrated circuits, are the multimillion electronic parts that make up a computer. Electronic signals that are digitally encoded carry information. Long strings of 1s (current on) and 0s (current off) are produced when rapid voltage pulses switch electric current on and off (current off). The “letters” of the code are 1s and 0s, and a great deal of them are required. The term “bit,” which refers to a single digit (either 0 or 1), is short for “binary digit.”

A byte is a set of eight numbers, while a gigabyte is one billion bytes. The small size and close proximity of a computer’s circuitry enable it to perform a wide range of complicated tasks quickly and efficiently.

The picture below shows and explains the electronic devices in computer that send, process, or store digital signals. They consist of the hard disk, ROM, RAM, and CPU. All of these components of the computer are connected by the motherboard.

Electronic devices in computer


  • The central processing unit, sometimes known as the CPU, executes program commands.
  • A magnetic disc known as a hard drive is used to store data and programs for the long term.
  • The microchip known as ROM (read-only memory) offers long-term storage. It keeps crucial information, like setup instructions. Even if the computer is switched off, this memory is still accessible.
  • A microchip called RAM (random-access memory) is used to temporarily store data and applications that are currently in use. When the computer is switched off, anything in RAM is lost.
  • The CPU, hard drive, ROM, and RAM are all connected to the motherboard. It enables power supply and interconnectivity for all of these computer components.


Electric current is used to encode, analyze, or transmit information by electronic devices like computers, mobile phones, remote controls, and cameras. There are millions of small electronic devices in computer. The CPU, hard drive, ROM, and RAM are components of a computer that transport, process, or store data. All of these components are connected by the motherboard.

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