GeekWire Radio: How technology is transforming real estate

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Photo: A. McLin
Photo: A. McLin

Writer and number-cruncher Tim Ellis joined us this week on the GeekWire radio show to talk about two of his passions. We had a fun discussion about video games and the future of Nintendo, and in this segment we dive into the world of real estate services and apps.

Ellis has a unique perspective on this topic as the guy behind the Seattle Bubble blog. He worked previously at real estate company Redfin and is now an employee at Porch, the home improvement data startup based in Seattle.

In addition to talking about the impact of popular apps from Zillow and Redfin on the real estate market, we discuss the rise of new tech-oriented real estate startups for fast home-buying, such as investor Keith Rabois’ OpenDoor, previously known as Homerun.

We also ask the important question: Are we in the middle of a new real estate bubble?

Listen to this week’s full episode in the audio player below or directly via this MP3 file.

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